iVo Mini Scrubber Dryer

iVo Mini Scrubber Dryer

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iVo Mini Scrubber Dryer

Put it to work in:

Confined Areas

The iVo Scrubber is excellent in confined areas, due to it’s compact size and height. With a width of 350mm and the front edge only 150mm high, you’ll find that cleaning small kitchens, offices and washroom areas is a breeze. Don’t forget though, small doesn’t mean weak. The iVo Scrubber is designed for heavy duty cleaning on a huge variety of surfaces.

Mixed Applications

You’ll also want to take your iVo Scrubber to clean larger areas, such as corridors and halls. Able to cover at least 500 square meters per hour, the iVo is a massive time saver on larger areas. With front and back squeegees, the iVo dries the floor as you go, whether you are moving forwards or backwards.

Triple multitasking by:


Yes, this is a serious cleaning machine. Scrub up dirt on carpets that has been there for years. Clean those grout lines. Bring that non-slip flooring back to ‘as new’ condition.


With the cleaning pads and microfibre polishers, with the iVo you can polish to a shine! Spinning at 550rpm, the pads will buff stone, tiles and vinyl floor surfaces.


Oh yes, and we should say that all the time you are cleaning, the dirty water is getting vacuumed away, ensuring you clean with fresh water (or fusion clean).

Designed to tackle:

  • Commercial Carpet
  • Ceramic / Porcelain Tiles & Grout
  • Non-slip Flooring (i.e. Altro, Polysafe)
  • Flat Vinyl Flooring
  • Timber and Laminate Flooring 
  • Any Natural Stone (i.e. Granite, Limestone) 

Light and Compact for Transporting
At only 18 kg for the mains, the iVo is easily lifted into any vehicle for transport beween sites.

Adjustable squeegees
The squeegees can be lifted and lowered as required to bring greater flexibility when drying and polishing. Ajustment levers are close to hand during operation.

3 Brush Grades
The iVo range includes stiff, medium and soft brushes to provide safe and effective cleaning for every floor variety.

Huge Variety of Scrubbing Pads
Standard pads and Twister diamond pads are available, giving access to cleaning with detergents or detergent free cleaning methods like our fusion clean.

Microfibre Pads for Polishing
A high polish and streak free surface can be achieved with the microfibre pads.

Carpet Brushes & Roller Vacuum Bar
The Mini Scrubber can be used for cleaning carpet, and is efficient at getting the dirt out! Slip on the carpet brushes and roller suction bar, and you’re good to go!

Removable Clean & Waste Water Containers

Anti Splash Guards

Delivers 15kg Brush Pressure

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