Lemon Micro Degreaser - 2L

Lemon Micro Degreaser - 2L

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Lemon Micro Degreaser - 2L

Lemon Micro is specially devoloped for use as a powerful hard surface cleaner, degreaser and drain cleaner without the need for traditional hydrocarbon solvents. Lemon Micro can be used hot or cold in pressure washers, steam cleaners, component washing machinery, floor cleaning equipment and manually in dip tank immersion, trigger spray or mop and bucket.

Lemon Micro is effective on ovens, untreated concrete surfaces, petrol station forecourts, machine, floors, walls, etc, and will not affect painted finishes. Excellent tyre rubber and scuff mark remover.

Lemon Micro contains fully biodegradable surfactants and a natural solvent extracted from the peel of citrus fruits, which is water soluble and suitable for any kind of hard surface leaving a pleasant fragrance after use.


General cleaning: Dilute up to 1:100 depending upon the degree of soilage. For best results, leave on surface for a few minutes before rinsing off.

Pressure washers and steam cleaners: Set machines at 2-5% depending upon degree of soiling.

Component washing, burning machines or ultrasonic equipment: General dilution from 1:15 to 1:40. Adjust as necessary according to type of soilage.

Floor cleaning equipment: Use as per machine manufactures instructions.

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