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Solution Nitro

Solvent Free, Heavy Duty Restoration Formula.

Solution Nitro is a highly concentrated heavy duty pre-spray. Nitro uses an advanced solvent-free formula for lifting spots & stains, carbon, grease, oil, soot, rubber and deeply ingrained soils. Ideally suited for use as a high performance pre-spray on carpets, porous surfaces, hard surfaces and many other professional restoration applications.

Instructions for use:

Ensure the area to be cleaned is free of people, pets and well ventilated, Apply by sprayer directed at the surface to be cleaned, allow 2-6 minutes contact time, agitate and rinse thoroughly with water. Add Final Phase acidic rinse when using on carpets and fabrics. Do not over wet.


Normal Soiling: dilute 10-20ml per litre with warm water (1:100 to 1:50)

Heavy soiling and restoration: dilute 40ml per litre (1:25)

  • Extremely effective pre-spray for heavily soiled polypropylene (Olefin) carpets. 
  • Removal of problematic dry soiling from soot, carbon fire residues, filtration. 
  • Draft marks & heavy soiling on carpets, fabrics and other surfaces. 
  • Contains a unique high dynamic wetting agent.
  • Better penetration and soil releasing
  • Less agitation required prior to rinsing.
  • Can be used with Solu-Boost if required for an additional “kick”.

Cationic, solvent free formula deodorises on application. Light floral fragrance, clear liquid.

All recommendations are based on practical experience, but where necessary they should be modified to conform to different practice conditions, always pre-test fabrics and carpets in an inconspicuous area.

pH in use 10.5 

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Additional Information
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Customer Reviews (5)
Great Product
We had a garage and mot centre reception and office to clean. Ordered Nitro specifically for this very oily job. Pre sprayed it down and you could see the soiling disperse, then a scrubbing pad on a rotary and then extraction. Obviously for specific jobs as needs an acidic rinse on extraction but on these trashed commercial carpets performed amazing. We had mechanics and staff watching as the previous week they had tried themselves and achieved nothing but a wet carpet. Review by Andrew (Posted on 26/04/2018)
Words fail me, it does excatly what it says on the label. Review by Gerald (Posted on 21/05/2017)
A cracker
I think this is my new favourite product for carpets and some upholstery. For anything man made it just cuts though soiling like I've never seen. For staining you mix it a bit stronger and produces epic results. Draft marks are easy, everything is easy!

Seriously great product, cant fault it.
Review by Gary (Posted on 23/03/2017)
A very effective product
The first time I used Nitro was on draft marks which came out easily, makes them almost a pleasure now!
Second time was on a lounge carpet in an Asian household. I was the first time I'd seen blacktop in a domestic property, the kitchen ajoined and grease, dirt and cooking residues had done their worst but Nitro did the business yet again. A very good product and one you need in your arsenal.
Review by John Milne (Posted on 04/01/2016)

I recently purchased NITRO from yourselves as I wanted to try this product on a specific job. The carpets I will describe as a cream coloured poly mix which had been lived on by two husky pups, untrained and locked up for many hours each day.

The carpets were soiled beyond belief, not just with dog muck but urine trails and dirt throughout? The new owner wanted to attempt to bring the carpet back due to cost of renewal.

I couldn't believe the results NITRO gave. Incredible outcome with complete soil removal from all but one room. The last room still came up to a high standard but some faint staining remained on two puddles.

I don't often leave feedback but as I couldn't find any written elsewhere I felt compelled to let you know.

Superb product. Well done.

DCS Cleaning UK Ltd
Review by DCS Cleaning UK Ltd (Posted on 28/09/2015)
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