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With a legacy dating back to the 1990s, Nick’s journey began with the establishment and successful growth of a multi-van cleaning enterprise. However, it was during this pivotal period that Nick, the visionary behind our company, made a critical observation while ordering supplies. He noticed some worrying text and warning signs on the cleaning solutions. Following a comprehensive discussion with the supplier and diligent research, he recognised the imperative for change. This led him to forge a partnership with a group of accomplished industrial chemists, committed to crafting solutions devoid of caustics, carcinogens, and detergents.

Initially, these formulations were intended solely for personal use. However, the growing demand for high-performance, health-conscious solutions soon became undeniable. This marked the inception of Solution World of Clean, where Nick and our dedicated, close-knit team, all possessing hands-on expertise are united in purpose.

At Solution World of Clean, we offer not only a comprehensive array of cleaning solutions but also a profound reservoir of technical knowledge. This expertise ensures that our customers derive optimal benefits from both our cleaning solutions and equipment.

Driven by our passion for the industry, we have made substantial investments in customer support. Our purpose-built training centre, recognised by the National Carpet Cleaners Association, underscores our dedication to advancing the industry’s skill set. Additionally, our longstanding online forum, www.cleantalk.co.uk, has been a beacon of guidance and advice for over two decades.

Our guiding philosophy is elegantly simple: we thrive on nurturing the growth of others. It is in this relationship that we find our own growth, making the journey all the more rewarding. At Solution World of Clean, we are not just passionate about cleaning; we are fervently committed to your success.

Please contact us on 01209 204 343 to find out more about our innovative products and services.

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Managing Director

Email: hello@worldofclean.co.uk

Nick Robertson-Vousden
Managing Director

Customer Support