Bio Cooker & Oven Cleaner – 5L

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Bio Cooker & Oven Cleaner – 5L

Bio Cooker & Oven Cleaner is an eco-friendly oven cleaning spray which is safe, non toxic, non caustic and easy to use.

Derived from amazing seaweed and plant extracts. It’s a fully biodegradable alternative to caustic or harsh chemical based oven and barbecue cleaners which can be used without protective gloves.

Directions for use:

Comes ready to use.

  • Remove excess carbon build up with a scraper or cloth then simply spray onto your oven walls, barbecue grills and other surfaces, leave to stand for 30-60 minutes.
  • For quicker and easier results apply when the oven or grill is lukewarm.
  • Fill a washing-up bowl with warm water and work the oily residues away with a sponge or cloth.

Top-tip! Spray on last thing at night and wipe clean off in the morning – clean oven, easy peasy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Charlie O.

Mightily impressed...think I will be kicking the the competition chemicals in to touch...definite "Bonus Point Win" when using Bio Oven Cleaner.

Garry K.
Very disappointing

I'm sorry to say this was totally ineffective, followed the instructions, tried it 2-3 times and it had no discernible effect at all. Liked the idea of a bio product, but had to resort to Mr Muscle to get the oven clean in the end.

Absolutely brilliant

I am so impressed with this product, not only did it arrive faster than expected, it worked amazingly. I had it on for 3hrs (only planned on an hour but something came up which delayed it) and everything just wiped away with no effort from me at all. It doesn't smell great but it doesn't have that harsh chemically smell most have, it just doesn't have a nice smell but IT WORKS! I will definitely be purchasing it for my new cleaning service.

Geoff P.

Excellent results

Krystal A.

Bio Cooker & Oven Cleaner - 5L

Stevenson S.J.
Best product ever

Best product I ever use, I been using bio cooker for 4 year now when it come to cleaning extractor hood or bbq it took a single spay to melt the fat away . I will never stop ordering this product as long there have it in stocks.

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