Solution Bio Cooker & Oven Cleaner – 5L

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Bio Cooker & Oven Cleaner – 5L

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Solution Bio Cooker & Oven Cleaner – 5L

Solution Bio Cooker Cleaner is an eco-friendly oven and barbecue cleaning spray, derived from amazing seaweed and plant extract. It’s a fully biodegradable alternative to caustic or harsh chemical based oven and barbecue cleaners which can be used without protective gloves.


Comes ready to use. Remove excess carbon build up with a scraper or cloth then simply spray onto your oven walls, barbecue grills and other surfaces, leave to stand for 30-60 minutes. For quicker and easier results apply when the oven or grill is lukewarm. Fill a washing-up bowl with warm water and work the oily residues away with a sponge or cloth.

Top-tip! Spray on last thing at night and wipe clean off in the morning – clean oven, easy peasy!

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Solution Bio Cooker & Oven Cleaner – 5L

  1. AB, My Oven Cleaner & My Clean Carpet, Esher, Surrey

    I have been using this eco-friendly solution for a few years now and really happy with the results, both in the oven dip tank to soak shelves & trays, as well as directly on appliances (oven, hob…).
    No smell, non caustic – safe to use on all materials – although powerful, and safe for our environment.

  2. Ovenfresh Domestic Oven Cleaning

    Great product and my customers approve of the eco-friendly aspect !! … 20% increase in price since January, seriously!!!!

  3. Cheaper Chores Oven Cleaning

    Best Bio oven cleaner I have used to date. No nasty smells and does it job very well. Perfect on Halogen hobs too as the blade just glides across with the solution removing stubborn stains along the way,

  4. Dannyav

    Always used caustic as I was told eco is nowhere near as good. Only used it once and it was yesterday when the element in my tank broke, so I had to fill a trug with hot water and some bio powder and leave the racks to soak. The grime came of with very little scrubbing, so I’m assuming that when it’s in my tank with the water getting up to temperature it will be almost as good as caustic but without all the residue caustic leaves. Smells nice too!

  5. OvenMan

    I have used other companies products for oven cleaning and this is by far the best. I would also like to add the service from Nick and his team has be amazing!

  6. Dream Clean Ovens

    I haven’t used anything else since finding this and never looked back , highly recommend it to anyone

  7. Dan Woodhead

    Just finished using the free sample bottle from Nick and have to say it’s the best bio / eco friendly oven cleaner I have used.

    The product works well on a cold ovens but works alot better and faster on a warm oven.

  8. Premier Oven Cleaning

    Best degreaser we have ever used and with next day delivery you cant really ask for more!

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