Blaze – Performance Solvent Pre-Spray

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BLAZE – A Performance Solvent Pre-Spray for Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning.

Instant results with little to no agitation or dwell time needed – Blaze is an all round highly effective pre-spray that works on a wide range of heavy soils and stains. 

Outstanding performance on dirty carpets & upholstery.

Ultra low residue, it can be used as a pre-spray & rinse.

  • Maximum power and economical in use.
  • Blaze when diluted costs 3p per litre(inc vat) – at least 4-5 times cheaper to use than most pre-sprays.
  • Can be used on all carpets & upholstery with pre-testing.
  • Outstanding results on heavily soiled carpets.
  • Powerful solvent formula – ideal on oil based stains & soiling.
  • Instant results without agitation.
  • Can also be used as a rinse in truckmounts or portables due to its ultra low residue.
  • Powerful powdered formulation with a pleasant fragrance.

Blaze is an ultra concentrated high performance extraction detergent giving you maximum results whilst being very economical in use, saves you both time & money.

It contains a unique blend of solvents, wetting agents and balanced surfactants to produce a highly effective pre-spray. Acts quickly to emulsify and dissolve the heaviest of soil loading. Fast acting also allows for less dwell time producing outstanding results on heavily soiled carpets.

Can be used on all carpets (including wool), upholstery, outdoor furniture, car seats & more.

Directions for use:

Always pre-test Blaze in an inconspicuous area for colour fastness prior to use. Shake or stir well for complete mixing.

Apply by sprayer to the carpet or fabric, agitate if required then extract. Do not allow to dry.


  • Mix 1-2 scoops per 5 litres of hot water depending on soiling.

In-line sprayers:

  • Mix 1½ scoops per 1 litre of hot water (1:8 dilution). Adjust the sprayer to 1:4 for heavily soiled areas.


  • Mix 8 scoops into 20 litres of hot water to make a metering concentrate. Set meter at 2-3 GPH.

In tank as a boost rinse or cleaning solution:

Blaze can also be used in tank to boost your cleaning power or as a powerful cleaning rinse, add it to your rinse tank at:

  • ½-1 scoop per 5 litres if you’re also pre-spraying.
  • 1-2 scoops per 5 litres as a stand-alone cleaning rinse.

Post spray or rinse with Crystal Rinse or Final Phase if required.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Faultless product..!

Seriously good for dog grease as well as lots of other soiling..!

Heavily soiled

Been using this product while now was really put to the test on a living room carpet ..that tbh looked ready for the skip how ever Carpet came up amazing..

Revitalise C.S.
Excellent results as always

I used Blaze on a £1400 Raft chair that an artistic toddler had decorated with a Sharpie Pen. With a bit of light agitation and extracting with an acid rinse, almost all the pen was removed. Outstanding results and a very happy (relieved) customer

MAK-Teppichreinigung D.
Strongly recommend👍👍👍👍

I Have small carpet cleaning company in Germany so I had ordered this product last year to try it and....JOB IS AMAZING!
This is like a buldozer for dirt!
There is not match for this in Germany!
Germans maybe knows how to built a car, but for this chemicals WorldOf Clean is the best👌👌👌👌👌
Final Phase also is a very good for rinsing👌
so I strongly recommend this company and their products!

Mark C.

I've used it a couple of times on jobs and does lift out the dirt leaving carpets cleaner so I'm happy to recommend this product.

Fabulous the results are amazing

I brought this regarding the excellent reviews I use this in my rug doctor at a two scoop mixture and the water was a dark brown colour and it removed more stains and dirt that other products failed to remove I use the crystal rinse to neutralise the blaze and it really made a big difference to the carpet colour it took out dog fouling stains and urine and I really liked the smell it left behind I will be buying this again as this by far the best product on the market and the crystal rinse works excellent alongside the blaze it’s making carpet stain cleaning a breeze even worked excellent on the arm of the sofa to


Love this product- would definitely recommend. Great on heavy soiled carpet

Matthew O.
Outstanding results

No match for trashed carpets 👌