Car Cleaning Kit

Car Cleaning Kit

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Solushine - All In One Car Shampoo & Polish.

This amazing all in one car shampoo and shine polish need no water.  It removes light to moderate traffic grime, tar spots and bird deposits quickly and easily then buffs to a streak free shine.

Directions: Use 2 micro fibre cloths, one to clean and one to shine. Spray onto the vehicle surface or apply directly to the cloth and wipe. Remove the soil with the cloth turning  frequently, then use the second cloth to buff to a shine. For best results clean the whole vehicle first then buff lightly.  Works on both dry and damp surfaces. May be used neat or diluted with up to 2 parts water.

Solusheen Silicone Dressing.

Solusheen Is a water based silicone polymer which gives a non-greasy satin sheen to hard surfaces, plastics, vinyl, and leather. Use as a polish and automotive dressing.

Improves the appearance of hard rubber surfaces such as tyres, and bumpers etc.

Directions: Apply using a cloth or spray and spread evenly over the surface. Silicone Dressing Not classified as hazardous.

Arc - Acid Replacement Cleaner.

A powerful cleaner which has the cleaning and descaling power of acid, but which is non corrosive to metals and sensitive surfaces. Acid Replacement Cleaner can also be used to clean tiles, concrete floors, masonry, aluminium, stainless steel, alloy wheels and pipe work. Removes rust, lime deposits.

Directions: Use neat or dilute with up to 1:20 with water depending on the degree of soiling.  Apply by brush or spray and rinse off thoroughly with clean water. 


Solutec is a multi purpose silicone lubricant/ surface treatment. Silicone Lubricant/Polish contains white spirit UN 1300

SoluTec may be used as a lubricant on metal or plastic surfaces where a thin film non-greasy finish is required, such as pipe fitting, or component assembly. It is useful in areas such as food packaging and processing, and in the paper and textile industries.

SoluTec; remains stable up 300°C and can still be used in areas and can be used on oven doors, baking trays, oven slides, sterilising units etc. or as a release agent for waxes and moulding's.

SoluTec will impart a durable water resistant sheen to bar tops, tables, vinyl seats, car bumpers, tyres, and moulding's.

Directions: Spray directly onto the surface or apply by cloth and wipe evenly over the surface. Allow carrier solvent to evaporate, before subjecting to high temperature.

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