2 Day Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning Course


  • NCCA & insurance approved.
  • Full manual included to take away.
  • Website logo.
  • Training course certificate.
  • Coffee/tea, hot and cold drinks & lunch and snacks Included.

2 Day Weekend Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning Course

The carpet cleaning course takes place in our purpose built training centre in Cornwall and is designed to give you all the tools you need to succeed for carpet cleaning – from technical expertise, demonstrations and actual hands on practical experience helping you to build the confidence needed to provide the highest quality of service to your customers.

The carpet cleaning course is also recognised & approved by the NCCA, enabling attendees to sit the NCCA entrance examination at the end of the course.

The course is spread over two days, doors open at 8am for an 8.30am start, until 6pm on the Saturday and 9am-3.30pm on the Sunday. We’ll try and get you finished and on the way home on the second day so that you can be ready for work on Monday morning. A brand new comprehensive manual has also been written to accompany the course for each person to take home.

Practical sessions include how to test the pH of both carpets and chemicals, fibre ID using different techniques, and an introduction to spot and stain removal.

  • Rinse extraction.
  • Bonnet cleaning & pad-capping.
  • Encapsulation cleaning.
  • Dry compound carpet cleaning.

You will also have the opportunity to trial different tools and attachments from the extensive stock of World of Clean’s carpet cleaning wands, tools and accessories range.

Carpet Cleaning Training

Upholstery Cleaning Training

Although upholstery cleaning utilises much of the equipment used for cleaning carpets there are many differences in application and technique.

We’ve developed a training course that has both theoretical and hands-on practical sessions.

The rinse/extraction method of cleaning upholstery fabrics is the most intense of all of the cleaning systems, it’s also the most labour intensive and time consuming. Our upholstery & carpet cleaning training course will teach you how to clean upholstery fabrics to the highest standard using different cleaning methods and systems in less time and with reduced drying times.

  • Pre-testing & pre-inspection.
  • Identifying fabrics, constructions & styles.
  • Cleaning chemistry with pH explanations & chemical choice.
  • How to clean cotton, linen, viscose, velvets & other problem fabrics.
  • Hands on training with different cleaning methods like wet extraction, encapsulation cleaning & low moisture cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Training

Spot & Stain Removal Training

Spots are relatively easy to remove, but stains can be much more challenging and time consuming. Many technicians regard carpet cleaning as an application of physics and chemistry, but stain removal as a black art.

On our 2 day course you will be lead through the process and procedures of testing and identifying a spot or stain, how to treat and safely remove stains like red wine, turmeric, lily pollen, fake tan etc.

  • Identification & types of stains.
  • Methods of spot & stain removal.
  • Application & removal.
  • How to use bleaches.

Finally, there is a comprehensive 24/7 support facility for all carpet cleaners to use, whether new technicians or seasoned professionals – www.cleantalk.co.uk or our Facebook group.

Free food and drinks are provided with ample free parking – click here for directions. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements.

Please only book if you can make the two days – course fee is non-refundable.

Carpet Cleaning Training

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Well organised and knowledgable team

I had the pleasure to complete WOC training and use them as our supplier and they never failed to deliver the best customer service.

Nick and Jacob answered all my questions in depth and left me ready to start my journey with no doubt in my mind. They're always willing to help and guide after the training and the forum community is full of kind and experienced cleaners.

I never met anyone on Lauren's and Mark's level of customer service and quick reaction.

Roy T.
Up to the mark in every way.

Nick and Jacob provided a comprehensive learning experience in all the basic procedures of carpet and upholstery cleaning. All the different solutions were covered as was the operation of many machines. The days were well organised and also offered great food. Hats off, Nick and Jacon and keep up the good work. I am looking forward to their next hard floor cleaning course.

Emma L.
Amazing, definitely recommend

I would definitely recommend

Cliff T.
2 day carpet cleaning course

I am new to carpet cleaning and had been working for 6 months before I attended the carpet training course. After 2 days of intensive training I feel I understood a lot more about the different techniques and materials that can be used to clean carpet. I took about 30+ different things away from the course.
2 things of many I took away were.

1 - There are many different ways to clean carpet so if you work out which system to use when doing your survey this will save time and make you money, I have already put this into practice and jobs that were taking me 3 hours are now taking 1.25 hours. I know longer have only HWE as my way of cleaning carpets.

2 - I understand a little more about what materials are available to use. This has stopped me purchasing from multiple suppliers as WOC have everything I need for the jobs I carry out. This has made my life a lot easier.

I will definitely be attending the upholstery and stain courses to add more to my knowledge.

David R.

Great course.

Alan C.

Learned so much. Excellent

G S.

The course was extremely well organised and informative. The balance of theory & practical teaching is so valuable to both newcomers and experienced cleaners. I have been on other courses run by different suppliers but this is far superior.

Paul T.

I have just completed a four day carpet and upholstery cleaning course and stayed for the more advanced spot and stain course (which I would strongly recommend you add this to your training if your considering attending) these guys know their stuff and the overwhelming feeling I was left with is they are very passionate about the service they provide and are not in it for the hard sale. Ken is extremely knowledgable and a true professional that gives sound advice in all aspects of how is the best way to learn how to be a competent and thorough professional carpet and upholstery cleaner. The course itself is very advanced but explained in a way that you are able to take and board the information and put it to practical use. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere of which if you are serious about entering this profession then THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO TO. I had a few conversations with Nick (Who I believe is the owner) who again is very professional and easy to talk to, he will give you sound and honest advice regarding your set up, I was looking at machines and rather than just nodding his head and looking for a sale he was showing me alternatives which was actually cheaper but is more than capable of doing the kind service I am looking at providing future customers which I think shows they are passionate about what they are doing. The products and solutions they are providing certainly to me look to leading the market for this industry..... all the staff on site are very a friendly and nothing is too much trouble, very approachable (a good bunch and it clearly shows they are in a happy work place) the only criticism I have over the overall course was the Cornish pasty wasn’t a touch on the ones we have in Sheffield..... go figure... I will certainly be back soon to set myself up in this industry using these guys.