Solution Complete Cleaning Training Course (4 Day) November 2019

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Solution Complete Cleaning Training Course (4 Day)

4th 5th 6th and 7th November 2019

Carpet Cleaning Course (2 day)

4th and 5th November 2019

Offering the most in depth and comprehensive training you will find, taking place in our purpose built International Training Centre in Cornwall and designed to give you all the tools you need, from technical expertise, demonstrations and actual hands on practical experience helping to build the confidence you need to provide the highest quality of service to your customers. Full ongoing technical support whenever you need us as we have a vested interest in making sure you and your business soar.

Carpet Cleaning is not rocket science, but it does require knowledge, understanding and skills to be learned. Get it wrong and at best your job will be slower and lacking in customer satisfaction, at worst you can ruin a valuable carpet. But do it the correct way and you will have cleaner, drier carpets and delighted customers.

At Solution, we teach you to work to a standard. Not any old standard but to those laid down by the British Standards Institution in their PAS 86:2008 Professional Inspection, Maintenance, Cleaning And Restoration Of Textile Floor Coverings Code Of Practice.

Whether using traditional detergents or the newer detergent-free technologies, Solution World of Clean training will help you to achieve the best possible results from your existing equipment and cleaning chemicals.

Our carpet cleaning course is spread over two days. Doors open at 8am for an 8.30am start finishing around 5-5.30pm There is a very good reason for this. To maximise your learning potential, both theory and hands-on-the-tools practical, one day is simply not enough! Others have tried to compress everything into one days training but have often fallen short of what is required.

Practical sessions will include how to test the pH of both chemicals and carpets, fibre identification using different techniques and to finish Day 1, an introduction to spot and stain removal. How other trainers can allow their students to clean carpets without them ever having the practical skills and experiences of spot and stain removal defies logic!

On Day 2, the fun really starts! When the theory of cleaning has been completed, the tools of our trade are wheeled out. You will firstly carry out a real world pre-cleaning inspection in our state of the art mock home and office rooms. You will then have the opportunity to apply your new found knowledge and then develop your skills to clean these carpets and stairs using many different systems:

  • Rinse/Extraction
  • Bonnet cleaning & Pad-Capping
  • Encapsulation
  • Dry compound carpet cleaning

You will also have the opportunity to trial different tools and attachments from the extensive stock of Solution’s carpet cleaning wands, tools and accessories range.

Carpet Cleaning Training

Solution World of Clean Upholstery Cleaning Training Course (1 Day)

18th of September 2019

Although upholstery cleaning utilises much of the equipment used for cleaning carpets, there are many differences in the application of the processes as well as the knowledge and skill sets required.

Many businesses fail to capitalise on the lucrative market for upholstery cleaning because they regard it as being more complex and difficult than cleaning carpets. The solution to this issue can be summed up in one word. Training!

On the Solution World of Clean Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Training Course we will teach you how to utilise your carpet cleaning knowledge and skill sets and, with small variations, apply them to upholstery and fabric cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning is a part of the industry that many technicians and companies are wary of, fearing the unknown after hearing stories of upholstery cleaning disasters. Ken has developed a training course that has both theoretical and hands-on practical sessions. After the classroom theory has been completed, each student will be given their own upholstered item to inspect, test, safely clean and dry using at least three different cleaning systems.

The rinse/extraction method of cleaning upholstery fabrics is the most intense of all of the cleaning systems. It is also the most labour intensive and time consuming. This Solution World of Clean training course will teach you how to clean upholstery fabrics to the highest standard using different cleaning methods and systems, in less time and with reduced drying times.

As well as the teachings and demonstrations, you will also be supplied with an upholstered item which you will test and clean yourself using all of the techniques you have been taught.

The knowledge and skills learned on this course can also be applied to many other furnishing fabrics to further expand your market place. Wall fabrics, curtains, office furniture screens and mattress cleaning are all discussed on this training course. Not just restorative cleaning, but low cost/high profit maintenance procedures too. Don’t follow the many who shy away from upholstery cleaning. By investing just one day of your time on a Solution World of Clean Upholstery And Fabric Cleaning Training Course you will be able to open the doors to a previously untapped and lucrative market.

Carpet Cleaning Training

Specialist Spot & Stain Cleaning Training Course (1 Day)

19th of September 2019

A householder will frequently have a carpet cleaned not because they feel that it is dirty, but because they have a spot or stain that draws attention as an eyesore. You may achieve a first class result cleaning the carpet, but if you fail to remove the stain your customer will be disappointed.

Spots are relatively easy to remove, but stains can be much more challenging and time consuming. Many technicians regard carpet cleaning as an application of physics and chemistry, but stain removal as a black art.

On the Solution Specialist Spot & Stain Training Course, you will be lead through the processes and procedures of testing and identifying a spot or stain, how to treat and neutralise and, as a last resort procedure, how to safely bleach-out the stain.

After the classroom theory part of the day has been completed, every student will be given a carpet sample containing a wide variety of spots and stains to clean for themselves. As well as traditional spotting techniques, the safe application of heat, in various ways and for different stain types, will be practised.

Not every stain can be completely removed safely, but by extending your knowledge and skill set, your success rate and customer satisfaction will be increased.
The Solution Specialist Spot & Stain Training Course should not be considered as an expense, it is an investment in yourself and your business. Do not compromise.

All training courses provided are generic and apply equally to users of traditional detergents as well the newer developments in detergent-free cleaning. The knowledge and skills taught will allow the students to work to British Standard’s BSI PAS86 (2008) Standard for carpet cleaning.

We appreciate that new technicians in particular will have 101 questions that they wished they had asked on the day. Again, we have a solution or two. At the end of the Training Week, we again open our doors on the Friday until lunchtime so that anyone, whether they attended our courses or not, are welcome to call in and discuss any issue, sample any product or trial any of our machines in stock. Or simply chat and have a coffee.

Finally, there is a comprehensive 24/7 support facility for all carpet cleaners, whether new technicians or seasoned professionals, on the Solution owned specialist industry forum

Ken Wainwright, the Solution Trainer, has had both the Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Training Courses recognised by our leading national trade association, enabling attendees to sit the NCCA entrance examination at the end of the course.


Solution have raised the training bar even further. Not only do they have new, larger and better training facilities, but they have also introduced model rooms where the students can not only practice their new found knowledge and skills on a wide range of equipment for all of the carpet cleaning systems, but they will also have the opportunity to conduct a real-world survey and audit in order to complete a professional quality quotation.

Added Extras

Most training providers treat spot and stain removal as a separate training course, which Ken and Nick also offer. However, appreciating that a new technician will be required to treat spots and spills as well as clean carpets, an introduction to spot and stain removal has been structured into the carpet cleaning training course. Students will spend up to 2 hours on the first day just removing spots and stains.

The dedicated specialist Spot and Stain Removal Course takes the skill set to a whole new level where advanced, as well as basic, techniques and products are taught, used and practised.

About our Trainer.

Ken Wainwright has run his own successful carpet and upholstery cleaning business for 36 years. During this time he has been able to experience and observe massive growth, developments and changes within the industry.

In 2003, with the support of CleanTalk founder Paul Elliott, Ken organised the first of many hugely successful hands-on technical training days, a concept he later took with him when he became a director of the National Carpet Cleaners Association, organising and hosting both the Technical Roadshows and later the training workshops.

As the training side of his business grew, Ken became involved in training and mentoring both individuals and companies alike until, in 2013, he teamed up with Solution. Both Ken and Solution MD Nick Robertson-Vousden were disillusioned with the quality of training generally available within the industry, especially for new and improving technicians. Everyone seemed to follow a similar format of theoretical sessions with a little demonstration of equipment. Structured hands-on-the-tools sessions, essential for new technicians, was not scheduled into the programme.

Determined to offer a superior learning experience, Ken and Nick developed a series of training courses, to be run in a dedicated training facility at Solution’s HQ, where student participation would be an integral and compulsory part of the programme.

Free food and drinks provided and Ample Free Parking.

Please only book if you can make the two days - course fee is non-refundable.

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