Professional Spot & Stain Removal Kit

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Professional Spot & Stain Removal Kit

Introducing the ultimate solution for spotless perfection, our Spot & Stain Removal Kit. The ultimate companion for tackling even the most challenging stains with confidence.

Housed in a sleek & professional aluminium case, complete with shaped foam inserts and a convenient carry handle, this kit exudes durability and sophistication.

Inside, you’ll find a treasure trove of powerful cleaning solutions curated to address a wide range of stains. Our 500ml bottles of stain removers will ensure you have the perfect solution for every stain.

Elevate your cleaning routine to the next level and conquer stains with ease!

500ml solutions:

  • Eco POG
  • Spot Solve
  • Micro Spotter
  • RX Spotter
  • Xtreme Tea & Coffee Stain Remover
  • Final Phase
  • M-Power Spotter
  • Gum-off-it!

Accessories and brushes:

  • Tamping Brush
  • 200 grams Stain Break
  • 200 grams Magic
  • 2 Measuring scoops
  • Microscope
  • Safety Glasses
  • 50ml & 10ml  Syringes
  • Bone Spatula
  • Chewing Gum Brush
  • 2 Terry Towel
  • Latex Gloves

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fresh C.C.C.S.

I had many spotting kits over the years, this S/k is by far the best. It's robust, the depth is great, you can customise it to suit the products that you use. I like it... Chuft I've got one...

Dan W.

Solutions produce a great range of carpet spotters that make the removal of stains and spots so much easier. This professional spotting kit contains the very best solutions stain removers in a very impressive and professional looking case. A professional look will give customers confidence


This is no ordinary spotting case, this is a complete statement. Stylish, sturdy and with eye catching appeal, it inspires clients and lends an air of professionalism to the user.

This sturdy yet compact case contains everything required to treat even the most robust of spots. A must have for any professional carpet cleaner wishing to enhance their image.

I always take my carpet cleaners spotting kit to all in home inspections. Simply having it with me, adds a dimension to my presentation and increased my sales to enquiry ratio.

Buy it..... Carry it..... Use it!

Thank you Nick for yet another great product.