Cement & Grout Haze Remover – Acid Tile & Stone Cleaner

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Cement & Grout Haze Remover – Acid Tile & Stone Cleaner

A powerful acid based cleaner, formulated to quickly remove grout haze and cement residues from floors & walls.

It’s also highly effective as a cleaner on ingrained dirt and will remove hard water stains, efflorescence, calcium & limescale deposits.

For use on acid-resistant surfaces like:

Acid resistant Natural Stone, Granite, Slate, Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain, Quarry Tiles, Terracotta, Brick & Concrete. For internal or external use including Patios. 

Highly effective and simple to use.

Directions for use:

Pre-test a small area for suitability before use.

  • Dilute Cement & Grout Haze Remover at 100ml per 1 litre of water. Use neat if required on stubborn staining.
  • Apply the product by mop or sprayer. If working outside use a watering can or sprayer.
  • Agitate with a stiff brush or scrub pad, leave to dwell for 5-10 minutes, do not let the product dry out.
  • Rinse off using plenty of water.
  • Repeat if necessary.

Coverage: Approx 8m2 – 30m2 depending on dilution, surface and contamination.

Not for use on Limestone, Marble or any acid sensitive surface like enamels. Use STS Stone & Tile Cleaner instead.

Use protective goggles, gloves and clothing.

Customer Reviews

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Does what it says

Heavily discoloured porcelain floor tiles, grout haze and builders dust etc, mixed this at 200ml per litre, 10min dwell whilst agitating with a pink pad, rinsed off with just water, great result, customer delighted with the result.