Chewing Gum Remover – 500ml

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Chewing Gum Remover – 500ml

Chewing Gum Remover is an innovative ready-to-use liquid which actually lifts and prepares a gum wad for removal by a machine from carpeting, upholstery and fabric with our Stainless Steel Brush. Chewing Gum Remover removes gum wads without sticky residue, non-resoiling and detergent free. It disallows deeper penetration of gum into most surfaces through its lifting action. Furthermore, this high performance remover can be used for the removal of a multitude of non-water-soluble spots and stains.


Chewing Gum Remover can be applied on all solvent-resistant and colourfast surfaces, i.e. carpeting, upholstery, clothing, drapes, hard and stone floors, etc.

Always pretest carpet, fabric or surface to be treated (use of brush, machine) in an inconspicuous area before proceeding. Will not harm carpet backing.

Directions for use:

Chewing Gum Remover is a ready to use solution and must not be diluted.

Method of application:


Wet entire surface and fringe of gum wad with Chewing Gum Remover. Allow 5 seconds for lifting action. Agitate the gum with the Stainless Steel Brush. The brush should be moved with brisk strokes across grain of carpet, then repeat action with the grain of the carpet. The gum should be removed without leaving a sticky residue.

Old and deeply embedded gum may require an extra application or extra agitation. Any remaining spots & stains can easily be removed with our universal spotter.

Upholstery and fabrics:

Do not use the stainless steel brush on upholstery/fabrics. Aggressive brush agitation may permanently damage these sensitive surfaces.

Use a standard green scrubbing pad, abrasion is still required to achieve best results. Unsightly dirt stuck to the top of the gum wad may spread into the surrounding area once Chewing Gum Remover is applied. Avoid creating a dirt stain by removing dirt prior to cleaning by blotting with a rag dampened with Chewing Gum Remover.

Steel brush maintenance:

Allow brush to soak in Chewing Gum Remover for 5 minutes. Remove any excess gum with a clean absorbent cloth.