Cleanfix Floormac – Oscillating Pad Machine

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The Cleanfix Floormac

Compact Oscillating Pad machine

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The Cleanfix Floormac

The Cleanfix Floormac is a versatile oscillating pad machine that weighs only 13 kg.

Can be used to clean:

  • Carpets – can be used with our encap products Fusion clean & Hydro202
  • Hard floors with the bonnet pads
  • Used for the agitation of pre-spray using the available brushes.

Like all oscillating pad machines the Cleanfix Floormac is very easy to control, this one also incorporates an anti-vibration system that makes for even smoother operation.

Suitable for use on either carpet or a wide range of hard floors, it has a small solution tank mounted on the handle which can be used to dispense solution directly onto the surface being cleaned or polished. Be it an ‘extra shot’ of solution to a pre-sprayed surface or to sparingly dispense a polish or other treatment, this addition adds to the overall convenience of the machine.

Technical Specification:

Working Width300 mm
Working Height250 mm
Weight13 Kg
Oscillation Speed1450 rpm
Pad Size13 inch
Cable Length10 metres
Total Power500 W/230 V


Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Cleanfix Floormac – Oscillating Pad Machine

  1. robert whitaker

    Made a hair salon floor like new used with solutions sts,very good machine and great value.

  2. Rogers Smart Carpet Cleaning

    A very handy tool to have.
    Gets used on just about every job for one thing or another. Would definitely miss the Floormac if I didn’t take it with me.

  3. Keith

    Machine delivered Thursday first job was to clean a office carpet that i had cleaned a dozen times with my extraction machine without a problem but last time i got wick back all over the carpet, it looked worse than before i started. this red machine with H202 fixed it in a jiffy i have also done care centre this morning and had another proper job result.
    Wish i could use one in each hand at the same time.
    I will be trying it on stairs later this week so watch this space.

  4. Chris

    Been using for one week, overall ok product, good for flat areas. The main reason for me purchasing was to brush/clean stairs, so disappointed to read in the operating manual “not to be used on stairs”. I have tried to clean stairs with it and found it very difficult. Would be far easier if the on/off button was located on the handle instead of the base. It has to be switched off when moving from step to step otherwise the head spins too fast and the pad gripper head falls off. With the power button being where it is turning on and off whilst standing on a flight of stairs is tricky at best dangerous at worst. Flat carpet only machine.

  5. Colin

    No more hand brushing in pre-sprays, no more “acceptable” results on stairs (yes it’s light enough to agitate & clean stairs!) as they’re all now stunning! This machine is more than perfect as it goes from agitating carpet to scrubbing a hard floor in one foul swoop, & this is the cheapest I found on the internet!!!!!

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