Concentrated Carpet Defoamer – 5L

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Concentrated Defoamer for carpet & upholstery cleaning

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Concentrated Carpet Defoamer – 5L

Foam through your vacuum motors can severely damage them, costing you money. Carpet defoamer is a cost effective and easy solution to stop foam & damage in carpet cleaning extraction machines.

Defoamer contains a blend of fast-acting defoaming agents that helps protect equipment from damage by foam and maintain operating efficiency.

Highly concentrated in use, you’ll only need as little as 10 ml per 10 litres of water, even for severe instances of foaming, making it very economical.

This product does not have the ‘bad egg’ smell associated with other defoamers.

Try it – you’ll love the difference!

Directions for use

10 ml per 10 litres of water.

For best results, turn on your machine and use the vacuum hose to suck up the required amount of defoamer.

This coats both the internal hose & machine tank, stopping the foam before it even reaches the tank.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Andrew H.

Concentrated Carpet Defoamer - 5L

Great defoamer

Works really well and is economical. I don't need to use this frequently as the solutions range do not create foam, but it's hand for those jobs where there is residue left behind from a previous cleaner

Andy S.

Great product and very economical

David H.

Arrived on time good product.

David A.
Concentrated Defoamer

I use it to stop foam on a hard floor vacuum. Well worth the cost compared to my vacuum motors getting damaged.


Just pour some into the cap and suck it into your vac tube, works every time!

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