Dri-Pod Floor Dryer by Dri Eaz

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The Dry-Pod Floor Dryer is perfect for the drying of carpets or hard floors – fast!

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Dri-Pod Floor Dryer by Dri Eaz

The Dry-Pod Floor Dryer is perfect for the drying of carpets or hard floors – fast!

Using the unique 360º airflow technology, the outlet grill directs warm, dry air from above and directs it in a powerful 360° pattern across the floor. Dry carpet, tile, vinyl or wood floors with up to 8x the drying of standard fans! At only 4.8kg and 15 inches across, the Dri-Pod is perfect for small spaces like hallways, cupboards or landings.

The airflow hugs surfaces so it doesn’t disturb items in the area, which also makes it great for circulating air and ventilation.

Move easily.

Lightweight. Simply pick it up and carry it. Stacks with other Dry-Pods for storage.

Dry faster.

The Dri-Pod directs air across the floor in all directions to accelerate the drying process using its omni-directional 360º drying technology.

Save time.

Use the Dri-Pod to dry carpets or hard floors quickly after cleaning, a spillage or accident. Simply place the unit in the area to be dried, and then leave it to work while you move onto the next area.

Dry confined spaces.

Use the Dri-Pod in confined spaces such as cupboards or bathrooms – at only 15 inches wide it fits almost anywhere!


  • Weight: 4.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 15.2″(D) × 15.2″(W) × 8.9″(H) / 38.5cm(D) × 38.5cm(W) × 22.5cm(H)
  • CFM: 750 cubic ft/min
  • Cord Length: 10ft/3M
  • Construction: Injection molded housing, wire grill

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great piece of kit

This is our second Dri-Pod to accompany the first. Great on carpets in smaller rooms and also on fixed upholstery chairs.
World of Clean selling it cheaper than anywhere else. Great company to deal with.

Not powerful enough

Not really suitable for professional use . Ok for spot drying very small area’s 🤷

Dri floor dryer by dri eaz

Really good value for money well happy with it and great service as usual

Dri pod

Excellent will use agajn


Great price, fast delivery, what more could you want!

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