Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder – 10kg

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Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder – 10kg

Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder – The cleaning power of liquids infused into an organic carrier material.

Probably the most advanced product of its type, Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder takes very low moisture cleaning to a new level of efficiency!

Benefits of low moisture cleaning:

  • The risk of carpet shrinkage is virtually eliminated.
  • No over wetting means no damp smells.
  • Carpets fitted by means of water sensitive glue are not a problem.
  • Humidity sensitive areas such as double floors can be cleaned without risk.
  • Carpets can be walked on during and immediately after cleaning – no down-time!

Dry Carpet Powder does not contain detergents, so there is no sticky residue to contribute to re-soiling – also because the granules do not adhere to carpet fibres, they are much easier to remove at the final stage of the clean.

Dry Carpet Powder does not contain optical brighteners, it does not cause yellowing.

Dry Carpet Powder does not affect protection treatments such as Protect Nano or Scotchgard. The powder offers safe, efficient cleaning without risk of wick-back as well as a broad spectrum of stain and spot removal.

Can be applied on all water and colour-fast surfaces made of natural and synthetic fibres. Always pretest carpet or surface to be treated in an inconspicuous area before proceeding.

Cleaning instructions:

  • Thoroughly pre-vacuum carpet.
  • Pre-treat heavily soiled areas lightly with Fusion Clean or M-Power.
  • Turn container of Dry Carpet Powder for a few moments to ensure that it is evenly moistened.
  • Sprinkle the granules onto the carpet at the rate of approximately 50-100 g/m, depending on the degree of soiling. This can either be done by hand or machine.
  • Brush granules into the carpet. A twin contra-rotating brush machine works best, brushing from several different directions to ensure full treatment.
  • Allow the granules to dry (15-30 minutes, depending upon condition). during this phase the granules, acting as natural sponges, will absorb soil-laden moisture, resulting in a change of colour.
  • When completely dry, remove granules using a commercial-grade upright vacuum cleaner.

Dry Carpet Powder removes a broad spectrum of stains and spots, including filtration soiling in peripheral and door areas, grease, beverages, protein, dispersion paints, mustard, oil, ketchup, etc. However, any spots or stains that still remain should be treated with specialist spot & stain removers. Spots which cause a fibre-colour-reaction, for example urine, coffee, etc.may not be totally treatable.

Sometimes, foaming occurs during the cleaning procedure. This is caused by shampoo or detergent residues that were not properly rinsed out in prior cleaning. These detergent residues can cause an increased re-soiling and re-appearance of stains and spots on the floor.

Technical Data:

Smell: typical

Appearance: yellow

Coverage: approx. 50 g/m

Storage: in closed containers, frost free, dry and cool.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Cumbria C.C.

World of clean came up trumps after a phone as to how to tackle a 300sqm office building which could only be cleaned by low moisture cleaning. I was recommended the Dry compound which did not let me down. Only half way into the job but very impressed

Manjit M.
Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder

Being using the Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder, carpet looks great even though it's 25 years old. The instructions provided how to clean it is spot on.

Margaret M.
Really does what it says it will do

I used this product several years ago in an old carpet and it worked wonder's, bringing back colour and taking away a musty smell. I brought some more to use on my beige carpet kit freshen up colour and this product is still as good as it was eight years ago. You need to put in a little effort if using a brush to agitated but well worth the effort.

Mr G.
Cleaned sisal carpet

I used this to clean 3 sisal carpets recently. Very good cleaning result and the product is very good value for money.

nicola H.
Jute rugs

I have a number of jute rugs and runners around my home. With water being an absolute no I thought I’d try this. Fantastic results with zero damage to the rugs, they look great and smell fresh. Dirt wasn’t really an issue but do have pets so was worried more about odour. This will be my go to from now on, they look like new, highly recommend !!

Creation E.

Excellent products. Excellent service.

Steven C.G.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder - 10kg

Fast delivery, excellent product

Some years ago I purchased carpets made from recycled plastic bottles thinking they would be easy to keep clean in a household with dogs. Unfortunately although I have a good quality carpet washer it was unable to suck up much of the water from the carpets leading to me having to dry them by hand to absorb the dirty water. I have tried dry powder cleaners as well but have had limited success. The dry carpet cleaning powder from World of Clean has however resolved my problems cleaning my carpets beautifully, even a patch where my long haired dog likes to lie which was more heavily soiled.