Fabric Foam – High Foaming Encapsulation Cleaning Solution

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Fabric Foam – High Foaming Encapsulation Cleaning Solution

Ideal for low moisture encapsulation cleaning of upholstery, carpets & pigmented leather.

Using Fabric Foam is an easy way to safety clean suites or any fabric, start earning some extra money today instead of turning them down!

Fabric Foam is a concentrated encapsulation cleaning solution with built in anti-soil & anti stain protection properties. It contains active soil repellents to help fibres stay cleaner for longer with “easier next time cleaning”.

Contains unique penetrating wetting agents and a blend of fast acting stain removers to deal with the most stubborn staining, it also naturally deodorises the cleaned areas leaving a fresh clean citrus aroma.


Designed for use with our rechargeable E-Foam sprayer for low moisture cleaning of carpets & fabrics, including pigmented leather. Can be applied to vertical surfaces.

Bonnet systems – can be used as stand-alone encapsulating solution with endless uses on upholstery and carpets.

Directions for use:

Always pre-test Fabric Foam in an inconspicuous area for colour fastness prior to use. Shake or stir well for complete mixing.


  • Dilute 30 – 60ml per 1 litre of warm water. When using our E-Foam sprayer just add one full mini mixing jug to it. (included with the sprayer)

Upholstery cleaning:

Bonnet cleaning:

  • Dry vacuum thoroughly.
  • Pre-spray the carpet with Fabric Foam.
  • Moisten the bonnet with Fabric Foam and clean with an even overlapping motion. When the bonnet becomes soiled, rinse and re-wet with fabric Foam.

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