FF Cleaner – Dip Tank Powder

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FF Cleaner – Oven Cleaning Dip Tank Powder

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FF Cleaner – Oven Cleaning Dip Tank Powder

FF Cleaner – An extremely effective oven cleaning dip tank powder that can also be used for deep fat fryers.


For use in fat fryers add 30-60ml per litre of water, boil, clean, then drain.

For use in a dip tank with hot/boiling water add 30-60ml per litre.

Add items to be cleaned to tank and allow solution to work, remove and rinse down.

Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection, FF cleaner is about as close to caustic as you can get, without actually being classed as caustic. You can download the msds sheet below.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Linden R.
Great products

Wish I used this company from the start, amazing results with their chemicals all the time.

Terry C.
Great products

Really pleased with your products

Alastair S.
FF Powder

I'm very happy with FF Powder which I've used exclusively in my dip tank for several years. Plus I get the usual prompt and impeccable service from World of Clean. It's a win-win.

Peter H.
Amazing product

Using this in my dip tank gives amazing results and a pleasant smell .
I will be purchasing more in the future for sure


An easy product to use and dissolves easily and ready to use straight away.
Mixed a fairly weak solution to begin with, and sprayed it onto filters that were fatty and the fats melted away immediately and left a nice shine without marks.

We will be using this in the future instead of the other products on the market.

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