Fusion Clean – Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Chemical

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Concentrated bonnet cleaning encapsulation solution with built in anti-soil & anti stain properties.

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Fusion Clean with soil retardant and deodoriser.

Fusion Clean is a concentrated encapsulation cleaning solution with built in anti-soil & anti stain properties.

Synthetically blended molecules produce outstanding levels of low moisture encapsulating with carpet & upholstery cleaning.

This amazing product is detergent free containing natural plant extracts and uses astonishing new technology with built in anti-stain & anti-soil properties.

Fusion Clean will keep your clients carpets cleaner and healthier for even longer and at the same time naturally deodorise the cleaned areas leaving a fresh clean aroma.


Can be used with all bonneting systems including heated bonnet systems.

Can be used as stand alone encapsulating solution with endless uses on upholstery and carpets.

Directions For Use:

Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area prior to proceeding.

For bonnet cleaning: Dilute up to 1:25 depending on degree of soiling with water and pre-spray both the surface to be cleaned as well as the bonnet/pad, which should be kept moist during cleaning.

This product should not be confused with any other product of a similar name from any other supplier or manufacturer and is exclusive to Solution World of Clean Ltd

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Fusion Clean – Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Chemical

  1. Carpetman

    Well done world of clean fantastic product does what it says it does great fragrance to it as. Well will definitely be purchasing more many thanks
    Mike Murphy
    Mike’s carpet cleaning services

  2. Carpetman

    I purchased this product after reading the great reviews it had on the site and surprisingly was not disappointed Ive just been made an approved contractor for a former employer z housing association I wanted to do a couple of free bee areas to increase the possibility of me getting more work after today the residents and scheme heirrachy are over the moon so good reviews will only improve my chances
    Many thanks
    Nick and team

  3. AllSeal

    Nick kindly posted me some Fusion clean, and as normal, fabulous delivery times as the product arrived the following morning.

    After reading good reviews on Fusion clean we decided to try it.

    We used this product in one of our Spray Borg machines so no agitation apart from a good vacuum. Diluted the product at 25-1 and set about to clean light pink carpet tiles that were filthy and resembled a light brown colour with black stains virtually everywhere. The final results were amazing and the smell delightful.

    For stubborn heavy marks we applied a small amount through a sprayer then over again with a pad and gone!

    Due to the amount of carpet we had to come back the following day and once completely dry they looked even brighter. Well done Nick on a great product.

  4. Mike Hoare

    For the money this is awesome, goes a long way & never fails to impress! Tried loads of others, many made me cough & dilution was rubbish but Fusion Clean smells great & does an amazing job even with really soiled, tea stained carpet tiles, even makes my car shine!!!!

  5. Fonzarelli

    Great product ! Leaves a lovely smell
    First time have used it on a bedroom
    Carpet going to try it on upholstery

  6. Dario

    Should be called Magic because of all the times I have HWE i have never been so surprised with the level of cleaning as with the Fusion clean. originally ordered 40L and will be ready to buy more if I need it at a moments notice!

  7. Colin

    Always found Fusion Clean a really good low moisture cleaning solution. Got another batch last week & WOW!!! it would seem that Nick has reformulated it? It’s incredible & I didn’t think it could get any better. Nicer smell & cuts through heavy muck with ease. A fab encapsulation product

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