Fusion Clean – Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Chemical

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Fusion Clean – Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Chemical

Fusion Clean is a concentrated encapsulation cleaning solution with built in anti-soil & anti stain protection properties. Ideal for bonnet cleaning or low moisture cleaning.

Synthetically blended molecules produce outstanding levels of low moisture encapsulation with carpet & upholstery cleaning.

This amazing product is detergent free containing natural plant extracts and uses new technology with built in anti-stain & anti-soil properties.

Fusion Clean will keep your clients carpets cleaner and healthier for even longer and at the same time naturally deodorise the cleaned areas leaving a fresh clean aroma.


Can be used with all bonneting systems including heated bonnet systems.

Can be used as stand alone encapsulating solution with endless uses on upholstery and carpets.

Directions for use:

Always pre-test Fusion Clean in an inconspicuous area for colour fastness prior to use. Shake or stir well for complete mixing.

For all cleaning:

  • Dilute up to 40 ml per 1 litre of water depending on the degree of soiling (1:25).

Bonnet cleaning:

Can be used with all bonnet cleaning systems, including heated.

  • Thoroughly vacuum the carpet, pre-spray both the cleaning pad/bonnet, and the area to be cleaned.
  • Work in sections, use a wringer bucket to clean the bonnets when fully loaded with soiling.
  • Always keep the cleaning pads/bonnets moist during cleaning. Using a TM3/Pro35 with renovator trays can be beneficial after the vacuuming stage.

For upholstery cleaning:

Fusion Clean can be used as a low moisture encapsulation foaming agent.

  • Whisk up in a bucket or use a foaming sprayer.
  • Lightly apply via hand mitt, foam sprayer or sponge, agitate in then terry towel off.


This product should not be confused with any other product of a similar name from any other supplier or manufacturer and is exclusive to Solution World of Clean Ltd

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Incredible results

A fantastic product. First time using it and it cut through some really old problematic watermarks and stains in just a couple of passes. Incredibly fast acting

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Top universal product. Deodorizer as well.

Been given huge a wonderful feedback from hotel cleans, holiday lets etc, World of clean allowed me to trial this product. I have recommended to over 25 companies and most use some form of World of clean. Love this company!

Fusion Clean

I had an emergency job the other day and on checking my garage for fusion found out I was out off both fusion and only had a small amount of MPower left .Iv got to say that the job seemed twice as long with out the proper chemicals (fusion clean) .A nd I did not think I did as good a job .I will be stocking up in the future with solutions products.Thanks again solutions team Des @Mister Clean ps picture of job a few days later with fusion clean.

Matthew H.
Fusion clean magic

Top top cleaning. Fusion clean is not only a top cleaning product with multiple uses but the scent will have your customers telling you....

Ryan S.
Quality product

Brilliant product from
World of clean, always spot on!

Geza P.
5 star

Amazing service, amazing products

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