Gum-off-it! 500ml

Gum-off-it! Water-based chewing gum and multi-solvent.

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Gum-off-it! Chewing Gum Remover.

The water soluble solution for chewing gum, marker pen, adhesive and paint.

A simple natural solvent solution for chewing gum problems which also has many other uses. Leaves no residue - can be washed out with warm water.


Gum-off-it! contains an amalgam of ethanol and amphipathic extracts of essential oils and has been specifically formulated as a thixotropic 'gel' in order to contain it on gum and inhibit unnecessary ingress down the yarn where it could compromise certain adhesive or latex primary backings.

Removes all kinds of adhesives, marker pen, grease, waxes and paints from most surfaces.

Directions for use:

For all chewing gum deposits in barrier mats, floor textiles, clothing and all smooth surfaces.

  • Pierce the gum deposit with a small screwdriver, gum perforator or similar tool.
  • Coat the whole area of the gum with a liberal coating of Gum-off-it!.
  • Pierce the Gum through the gel once more. These holes will allow the Gum-off-it! access to the underside of the gum in order to release the entangled face fibres and speed up the work.
  • Leave until the gum softens OR gently agitate to speed up the chemical process and roll up the gum and put into a plastic bag.
  • Older, well-entrenched gum may need a repeat application.
  • When area is free of gum wipe out once more with Gum-off-it! and finish with a damp cloth or extraction rinse.


Surfaces to which Gum-off-it! can be applied:

All hard surfaces (except rubber/latex and polycarbonate), Astroturf, Carpets, Curtains, Clothing, China, Car Bodies, Fabrics, Glass, Human Hair, Paintwork, Pet Fur, Upholstery, Whiteboards and Windscreens.

Gum-off-it! will deodorise & remove:

Ball point Pen Ink (non-permanent dye), Blue Tack, Blood, Butter, Chewing Gum, Contact Adhesives (cellotape remnants etc.) Cream, Candle Wax, Cooking Oil, Grease, Glue Deposits, Gravy, Motor Grease, Correction Fluid, Lipstick (from clothes) Oil, Permanent Marker, Super Glue, Tar, Wet Paint ,Wax Shoe Polish, etc.

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Customer Reviews (6)
Brilliant product that works really really well. I’d urge anyone to get some for their spot and stain kit, just following the information on the bottle you won’t be disappointed. Review by Ed (Posted on 21/07/2019)
A must have product for the van
This product is brilliant, removes so much more than gum even some type of colour stains.Have been using a well known product from a well known company for many years to remove oily type stains but this works so much better, smell not brilliant, but you will find you can remove some stains you could not normally and satisfied customers. Review by ray (Posted on 11/04/2019)
Great product
Gum of it is so useful, not just on chewing gum, blu tac but boot polish and makeup stains and slime too.
The smell is fantastic also.
Review by scotty (Posted on 12/10/2017)
Best Ever Gum Remover With Additional Benefits
Simply put this is the best ever gum remover I have used. Simply puncture the gum apply a very small amount, wait and then just roll the gum out of the carpet.

This product is also very good at removing greasy and oily marks either neat or with a little water and apply via a sprayer
Review by Dan (Posted on 18/11/2016)
Nice product
Works great on a variety of stains, gum, ink and anything where you need to control the amount with a gel. Review by David (Posted on 31/10/2016)
More than just for getting Gum off
I have been using this product for some time now and it does so much more than what it says on the bottle, it seems to remove any organic stain problem. I have used it to great effect diluted on head grease, spray it on, agitate leave for 20mins and it removes even the stubborn stuff.
Anything I cant get off or out I give this stuff ago
A++++ product
Review by Michael (Posted on 11/04/2011)
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