Gum-off-it! – 500ml

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Water-based chewing gum remover and multi use solvent.

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Gum-off-it! Chewing Gum Remover – 500ml

Gum-off-it is a fantastic and easy to use chewing gum remover! It’s a water soluble solution for gum removal, marker pen, adhesive, paint and much more!

It’s a simple natural solvent solution, leaves no residue and can be washed out with warm water.

Gum-off-it! will remove:

Ball point pen ink (non-permanent dye), blue tack, blood, butter, chewing gum, contact adhesives (cello tape remnants etc.) cream, candle wax, cooking oil, grease, glue deposits, gravy, motor grease, correction fluid, lipstick (from clothes) oil, permanent marker, super glue, tar, wet paint ,wax, shoe polish and more.


Gum-off-it! contains an mixture of ethanol and extracts of essential oils, and has been specifically formulated as a ‘gel’ in order to contain it on gum and stop unnecessary ingress down the yarn where it could compromise certain adhesive or latex primary backings.

How to remove chewing gum from carpet:

For chewing gum deposits in fabrics, barrier mats, carpets, clothing and all smooth surfaces:

  • Pierce the gum deposit with a small screwdriver, gum perforator or similar tool.
  • Coat the whole area of the gum with a liberal coating of Gum-off-it!.
  • Pierce the gum through the gel once more. These holes will allow the Gum-off-it! access to the underside of the gum in order to release the entangled face fibres and speed up the work.
  • Leave until the gum softens OR gently agitate to speed up the chemical process and roll up the gum and put into a plastic bag.
  • Older, well-entrenched gum may need a repeat application.
  • When area is free of gum wipe out once more with Gum-off-it! and finish with a damp cloth or extraction rinse.

Surfaces to which Gum-off-it! can be applied:

All hard surfaces (except rubber/latex and polycarbonate), Astroturf, carpets, curtains, clothing, china, car bodies, fabrics, glass, human hair, paintwork, pet fur, upholstery, whiteboards and windscreens.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Great value for money and works every time perfect.

Thanks for the reviews Jane

A great product!

Absolutely worked a treat on gum. I did a patch test first to make sure it was ok on my teal synthetic coat, and after that, applied a small amount onto the gum residue (most of it was picked off after being frozen) and it dissolved within a few seconds. It all washed off easily with simple soap and warm water - brilliant!

Steven K.

Been using gum off it for 3 years now great product never let's me down. I buy most of my chemicals from solutions world of clean the service is first class

Chris W.
Great product

Never needed to use any other product. This is so versatile for those unknown or tough stains. Would recommend this product 100%

Paul G.
Gum Off It

Absolutely great spotter and more, smells great as well.

A must have solution to have in your armoury.

Zak f.
Must have spotter

Great product. Always keep a bottle handy

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