Industrial Mop Base with Squeeze Handle

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Industrial Mop (wringer) for large Micro-Power sponge and finishing cloth.

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Industrial Mop Base with Squeeze Handle

This is the sponge-holder (with squeezing mechanism) that holds the large Micro-Power sponge for floor and wall cleaning.

With the sponge removed it is then used to provide a streak-free finish with the high-performance micro-fibre cloth which has been designed for the system.


  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Powerful cleaning with lightweight pressure.
  • Most effective on hard surfaces, especially floor covering, tile, vinyl, ceramic, wood etc.
  • Removes marks, scuffs, grime, soap grime, scum, tar, crayon and permanent marker from walls, cars, boats, appliances, bathroom fixings, floors, patio furniture, shoes, office equipment and much more..
  • An added feature of the floor pad is it sweeps as it cleans i.e. it collects dust and dirt particles on the pad which can then be removed when the pad is rinsed.

Directions for use

Micro power hand pad.

Wet micro cleaning hand pad completely and gently squeeze excess water, do not wring. Apply with the appropriate pressure until cleaning is complete.

Micro power floor pad

Wet micro cleaning floor pad completely and gently squeeze excess water, do not wring.

Attach micro floor pad to mopping system i.e. hand mop.

Apply mop to floor surface and clean as normal.

Follow with a dry microfibre cloth to damp areas to achieve optimal results.

Rinse the micro cloth and micro pad with clean water to clear dirt residue, squeeze and store.

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