Kickstarter Carpet Cleaning Marketing Masterclass Course

Kickstarter Carpet Cleaning Marketing Masterclass Course

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Kickstarter Carpet Cleaning Marketing Masterclass Course

The Foundations to Build a Great Business in a Great Industry

OK who’s the guy at the front, and why?? A bit about Allan Simmons for those who are interested:

  • Well, Allan Started carpet cleaning in 1988.
  • He has systemised a hands off, turn key 5 van business just doing carpet, upholstery and leather cleaning services.
  • He now only works on the business on Mondays and about 1 hour a day the rest of the week.
  • Allan has won several Marketing Awards, including “Best New Start.”, “Marketer of the Year”, “Perpetual Excellence in Marketing", as a franchisee he has also won “Franchise of the Year” an unprecedented 3 times, chosen from over 120 franchisees.
  • The rest of the time he works on his GetBookedUp business, one to one coaching, a magician at doing this type of stuff.

Remember Allan has been where you are now...

He has learned things the hard and expensive way in this industry and at times he didn’t believe he could overcome the obstacles that the business threw up.

By working on his mindset in the early days and working with a mentor and coach he began to believe he could achieve what he wanted and actually get the ‘hands off’ business that he had visualised and set as his goal.

Allan hands off approach allows him to spend time doing the things he really wants do and follow a passion. Allan looked for other successful carpet cleaners and copied what they did, and joined every marketing programme he could find to get the skills needed.

BUT, then he thought “How I would find the time to do everything”

He then spent the time and learned all about time and project management and how systems and a marketing plan can save hours a day, and give you peace of mind. He almost lost the lot when he made a radical change in direction, and its only because he had these systems in place that he saved the business.

In a nutshell, if Allan could do it, so can you, as long as you believe in yourself and you consistently follow the basics of what Allan is going to share with you.

Some basic ground rules before you make up your mind:

  • The Elephant in the Room.
  • No question is a dumb question, please just ask.
  • You WON’T need to become a slick sales person.
  • He promises no hype, BS or theory only ideas!
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