Lemon Vibe – Performance Citrus Solvent Pre-Spray

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Lemon Vibe – Performance Citrus Solvent Pre-Spray

Lemon Vibe is a ultra concentrated powdered citrus pre-spray with added solvent cleaning boosters.

As a fast acting pre-spray and degreaser, it works on contact breaking down and dissolving heavy build up from a wide range of soils & stains.

Literally zero dwell time required, works instantly saving you money & time!

Contains a powerful blend of alkaline cleaning agents and surfactants that quickly dissolve and emulsifies even the heaviest of soils. Does not contain enzymes but other active elements.

An amazingly versatile formulation, ideal for heavily soiled situations and neglected carpets, as well as heavy traffic areas and environments like pubs and restaurants.

Lemon Vibe has a pleasant citrus fragrance that leaves a fresh clean aroma to the room without being overpowering.

Being a super concentrated powder it will save you time & money. Readily dissolves quickly and easily.

Directions for use:

Always pre-test all cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area for colour fastness prior to application.

You can also use a pump-up pressure sprayer, electric or battery powered sprayer.

Mix 1-2 scoops per 5 litres of hot water.

Shake or stir well for complete mixing.

Spray evenly across the carpet. Apply in even overlapping patterns.

Do not allow to dry.

Post spray or rinse with Crystal Rinse or Final Phase if required.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Marek G.
Lemon Vibe - Performance Citrus Solvent Pre-Spray

An excellent product, I used it on Saturday, carpets with traces of paint, the remnants of the work of not very professional painters, have regained their natural color, smell great and are clean.
I recommend definitely !!

Diane H.

I use this as a pre spray on everything.. amazing smell

Danny K.
Great pre spray

Used it a few times now impressed with the results so far

kevin M.

Very good

Dovydas P.

Really nice one, will buy more.

Nick C.
Citrus pre-spray

Great product, works a treat and great aroma.

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