Linen Fresh Deodoriser

Linen Fresh - Deodoriser & Sanitiser

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Linen Fresh - Deodoriser & Sanitiser

Beautiful NEW Fresh Linen Odour.

Not just a masking agent - provides effective odour neutralisation at low concentrations. A blend of essential oils and perfume components that produce a pleasant odour whilst neutralising a wide range of offensive and unpleasant odours. Great for carpet cleaners after completing a job, leaves a clean fresh odour your customers will love.

Use in the control of malodours emanating from bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, nurseries, rest areas, smoking rooms, waste bins etc, also ideal for controlling animal odours in kennels, and bedding materials.

A fantastic product for carpet cleaners wishing to leave a clean fresh smell your customers will love!

Linen Fresh Odour Neutraliser:

  • Either used on a surface or against airborne odours, will either neutralise the odour or at least reduce it to a more acceptable level.
  • Immediately effective on tobacco, cooking and vomit smells
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus and Pseudom Aeruginosa.
  • Neutralises odours while more permanent remedies are sought (Bioremediation, physical cleaning etc)
  • Sanitises as it deodorises the air
  • Highly effective in sick rooms and nursing homes.
  • Is safe to use in the presence of asthmatics.
  • Used continually will provide a residual effect, which will impede the recurrence of odour.
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Customer Reviews (3)
Lovely fresh clean smell
Another fantastic product from world of clean, great fresh smell.
Would definitely recommend.
Review by Stuart draper (Posted on 30/08/2019)
Customers love it
Another outstanding product from the W.O.C, and apart from the many benefits already stated above this deodorising and sanitising product smells wonderful too. Customers love it, and if they are happy then so am I. Review by Ed (Posted on 30/07/2019)
Soooo good
I like to leave customers house actually smelling like its had a good clean and this doesn't disappoint, it smells so good Review by Nat (Posted on 25/06/2019)
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