Carpet Cleaning Machines

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Carpet cleaning machines from World of Clean.

Our powerful carpet cleaning machines are backed up with hands on training & phone advice. We also have an online support forum which is free to join. Have a read today & find out why thousands of customers endorse our machines.

£3,200.00 £2,666.67 +VAT
£2,200.00 £1,833.33 +VAT
£2,400.00 £2,000.00 +VAT
£1,150.00 £958.33 +VAT
£1,500.00 £1,250.00 +VAT
£2,250.00 £1,875.00 +VAT
£2,240.00 £1,866.67 +VAT
Out of stock
£660.00 £550.00 +VAT
Out of stock
£117.60 £98.00 +VAT
Out of stock
£154.79 £128.99 +VAT
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