Meta-Cleanz Oven Degreaser

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Meta-Cleanz – Oven Degreaser

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Meta-Cleanz – Oven Degreaser

Meta-Cleanz oven degreaser is a heavy duty, non caustic, low foaming cleaner developed specifically for the removal of grease, oils and fats from ovens, baking trays, heat exchangers and other equipment in food processing industries where the use of caustic would damage surfaces.

Meta-Cleanz oven degreaser is ideal for use in dip tanks, floor scrubbing machines, pressure washers or manually with mop and bucket. Safe to use on brass, copper, aluminium and galvanised steel.

Directions for use:

Dilute product up to 1:50, depending upon the degree of soiling.

For light duty cleaning, damp mopping etc, dilute up to 1:100.

For hot and cold pressure washing, dilute up to 1:200.

Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection.

Customer Reviews

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Stevenson S.J.

Meta-Cleanz Oven Degreaser


A great product, good service, highly recommend

Dan W.

A very impressive product. Spray onto the inside of a warm oven and watch the grease start to run.

This product works quickly on contact but performance is greatly enhanced after a short dwell time of a few mins.

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