Natural Odour Neutraliser

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Highly effective air sanitiser & odour neutraliser

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Natural Odour Neutraliser

Not just a masking agent – provides effective carpet odour neutralisation at low concentrations.

A blend of essential oils and perfume components that produce a pleasant odour and neutralises a wide range of offensive and unpleasant odours including cooking smells and sickness.

Use in the control of odours emanating from bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, nurseries, rest areas, smoking rooms, waste bins etc. Also ideal for controlling animal odours in kennels, and bedding materials.

Natural Carpet Odour Neutraliser benefits:

  • Either used on a surface or against airborne odours, will either neutralise the odour or at least reduce it to a more acceptable level.
  • Immediately effective on tobacco, cooking and sickness smells
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus.
  • Neutralises odours while more permanent remedies are sought (Bioremediation, physical cleaning etc)
  • Sanitises as it deodorises the air.
  • Highly effective in sick rooms and nursing homes.
  • Is safe to use in the presence of asthmatics.
  • Used continually will provide a residual effect, which will impede the recurrence of odour.

Directions for use:

Natural Carpet Odour Neutraliser is highly concentrated so only one or two sprays from the trigger is required for an average sized room or cabin.

For a trigger spray use neat or diluted, depending on odour intensity.

Use as a support measure after taking steps to eliminate the source of the odour (biological treatment, physical removal etc.).

May be directly sprayed from the trigger bottle or may be incorporated into powders, such as clay granules, cat litter, detergents etc. May be used through wall mounted dispensers or fogging units in static areas where odours occur frequently.

Adding Natural Odour Neutraliser at 1:100 to rinse water is a very effective method of general odour control when odours become resident within the substrate. (5-10ml per 1L)

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Adrian K.
Natural Odour Neutraliser

The Natural Odour Neutraliser is the best product in its class. It is a plant based solution that leaves the cleaning area smelling of a fresh summery breeze, it is our main selling point which we use even prior to starting a job, by letting the customer check it's brilliant smell. Put it in your fresh water tank and also spray it all over carpet and fabric after finishing the job. Best marketing tool in the industry in our opinion.

Nathan G.
Customers go crazy for this

Describing as a ‘fresh naturally clean smell’ my customers go crazy for it. Trying to use my other deodorisers but everyone picks this! It’s a fantastic addition to the van and will make anyone money from selling it alone!

Sean G.
Summer Fragrence

My customers are all raving about the lovely summer smell of this product. A winner for sure.

Martin V.
Natural Odour Neutraliser

This is a great product and very Cost effective
The smell is pleasant and appeals to young and old customer witch make it a must have on my van
South West Carpet Cleaning

malc h.

Great powder easy to dissolve lovely fragrance fab results

Dawn C.
Natural odour neutraliser

This is brilliant stuff! Smells fresh always gets the customers approval, long lasting and a product I use on every job.

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