Oven Gloop Carbon Remover – 5L

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Oven Gloop carbon remover – 5L

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Oven Gloop Carbon Remover – 5L

Makes oven carbon removal quick & easy with a gel formula, saves you time & money.

Oven Gloop carbon remover removes baked on grease and carbon from metal, glass and ceramic surfaces.

You can use Oven Gloop on ovens, grills, utensils, fryers, baking trays, hot plates or anywhere carbon build up is a problem.

Oven Gloop’s clinging gel formulation gets to work where it is needed, even on vertical surfaces.

Directions for use:

For best results apply to a warm surface. Use a small brush to cover the build up with an even coat to the same thickness as the grease or carbon. Leave to act until the carbon is loosened, agitate lightly with a brush or pad if necessary. Rinse off thoroughly with water.

Use only for short contact time on aluminium. Avoid painted surfaces. Always wear rubber gloves when using this product.

Customer Reviews

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Andrew T.

This stuff is great for carbon build up but use it very carefully as it BURNS.
wash of with a good degreeser and your well away.

M c.

still learning about using the gel, but is looking good so far. i need to work out how to apply it better than a small brush? ;-)

Syd B.
Very Good Cleaner

Oven Gloop is exactly what you get in Oven Pride but alot stronger. Sadly we had let one of our ovens get very dirty and a lot of carbon build up. Two applications of Gloop in a warmed Oven removed most of it without resorting to scraping. Bought a large soaking tray so will do it more often now it is easy.

antonio c.
Oven Gloop Carbon Remover

Very effective product for remove carbon deposits, highly recommended,

Excellent product

This works really well to remove carbon. Don't waste your money trying high street products.

Paul B.

Oven Gloop Carbon Remover - 5L

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