Own Label Spotters + Free Label Design (30)

Own Label Spotters with your company label.

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Own Label Spotters. (30 bottles) + Free Label Design

Own label spotters are perfect for giving away or selling to your customers, each spotter comes in a 500ml trigger spray bottle with your company logo and design on the label.

The solution supplied in the bottle is Micro spotter which is effective against a very wide range of soils/stains, Micro Spotter can produce truly astounding results.

  • Based on microsplitting technology.
  • No dwell time required - just apply and agitate
  • No detergents - so no sticky residue - non-foaming.
  • Completely non-toxic - Safe for you and your customers.
  • Non irritating - even if not rinsed is safe for babies and pets.
  • Odourless - absolutely no fumes - safe to use around asthmatics.
  • No bleaching agents - no light patches left after treatment.

Own label spotters are an ideal add-on sale!

Own label spotters are £1.74 each.

Want more than 30? Available in boxes of 30 so just increase number of boxes required, e.g. to order 60 just increase quantity to 2 etc

We just need a Jpeg of the company logo

This can be emailed to despatch@solution-uk.com

We will also require a telephone number and address details for the label.

Please note, when ordering, Own label spotters cannot be used to obtain a rebate when purchased in conjunction with the Solution Special Sample pack offer. Free Label design on your first purchase only.

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Additional Information
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