Protect Nano – Upholstery & Carpet Stain Protector

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Protect Nano – Upholstery & Carpet Stain Protection

Stay one step ahead of permanent and unsightly stains with our advanced stain protection solution! Designed specifically for common household upholstery and carpets, including delicate wool, our product offers easy application and unparalleled stain prevention.

  • Repels oil and water-based stains from carpets, upholstery, rugs, footwear & clothing.
  • Non-hazardous water-based formula – safe to use.
  • Enhances fabric maintenance making future cleaning easier.
  • Effortlessly wipe or mop away most protected spills.
  • Uses fluorochemical nano-particles which cure in air to form a water and oil repellent barrier on porous surfaces.
  • Long-lasting protection that gradually reduces over time based on wear, traffic, and cleaning regime.

Directions for use:


  • 1:1  –  Mix 1 litre of Protect Nano with 1 litre of water.


Apply using a pressure sprayer, if possible using a fine 500050 T-Jet fan type nozzle to a clean surface.

  • Pre-dampen fabrics with a light spray of plain water if the item has not been cleaned recently or is dry.
  • Apply 1 coat east to west, after 10 minutes apply a second coat north to south – DO NOT BRUSH IN, leave to dry.
  • Apply evenly at the rate of 50-100ml per m2, depending on the absorbency of the surface.

Drying time will be longer than with solvent based sprays, this can be accelerated by the use of zone heating and forced ventilation.


Does not contain any PFAS.
Appearance: clear, colourless liquid. pH: 5-6

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan P.
Great product - nano protect

If you don't sell protectant you are missing a trick. It will not only increase job ticket value but also make your life so easy in terms of maintenance and return visits...I have tested Nano protect on many different occasions and it delivers every time. Coverage per container is great and used in combination with an acidic rinse such as final phase/crystal rinse allows the protector to key to the fibres better. Fantastic product all round


Delivery was quick and it was easy to use. Recommend

David s.

Fast, Helpful & Efficient

Barry G.
Stain protector

Delivered on time. Product easy to apply and effective.

First time using and it seems okay

Will order again

Quick and easy

Product delivered in good time and very easy to apply with a garden sprayer. Haven't tested any spills yet !

michelle b.

Easy to apply with a small pressure sprayer. Dries fairly quickly . Highly recommend

Mike G.
Upholstery and carpet cleaner

Got this for our new motor home and hope it works a treat seemed very good value