Protect Nano – Fabric & Carpet Stain Protector

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Carpet & fabric stain protector using nano technology
Safe for Wool

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Protect Nano – Fabric & Carpet Stain Protection

Prevent permanent & unsightly stains before they even happen! Easy to apply stain protection for common household fabrics & carpets.

Protect Nano is an advanced fabric & carpet stain protector, it contains a water based solution of fluoro-chemical nano-particles which cures in air to form a water and oil repellent barrier on porous surfaces.

Unlike most water-based fluoro-chemicals, Protect Nano does not require high temperature curing to give optimum oil and water repellency.

Protect Nano is designed to give lasting stain protection on carpets, fabrics, stone, tiles and other porous surfaces (not suitable for silk). Suitable training in its use forms part of our training courses.


Protect Nano protects against penetration by oil or water based contaminants making cleaning of surfaces very easy – most stains can simply be wiped or mopped away.

The protection is long lasting but will be reduced over time depending on wear, traffic and cleaning regime. Aggressive cleaners should not be required on Protect Nano, protected surfaces and their use will reduce the lifetime of the protective effects.


Apply using a pressure sprayer, similar to a garden type sprayer using a 500050 T-Jet fan type nozzle to a clean surface.

Pre-dampen fabrics with a light spray of plain water if the item has not been cleaned recently or is dry.

Apply 1 coat east to west, after 10 minutes apply a second coat north to south – DO NOT BRUSH IN, leave to dry.

Apply evenly at the rate of 50-100ml per m2, depending on the absorbency of the surface.

Only spray in conditions of good ventilation. The spray operator and anyone in the vicinity should avoid inhalation of the spray mist and suitable protective masks are recommended.

Drying time will be longer than with solvent based sprays, this can be accelerated by the use of zone heating and forced ventilation.


1:1  –  1 litre Protect Nano mixed with 1 litre of water.


Appearance: Hazy Emulsion Specific Gravity: approx 1.0 Ionic Activity: cationic pH: 4 – 5 Solubility: soluble in cold water Flash Point: non-flammable.


Customer Reviews

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Great Value

Great extra to push after cleaning and protect nano is easy to apply and a quality product.

Nano nano

Brilliant protection, read directions and away you go.


Cleaned a protected my clients wool carpets in November and used Protect Nano. Got a call last week that their dog had been sick on the carpet and the spotter I had left them hadn’t done much so they needed me to go and tackle it. A few days previous I was called out to another dog sick sick stain on a brand new wool carpet...couldn’t get it all I was honest with my client that despite protection, it might not completely come hour later, the stain was completely gone, the dog was off the hook, the client was happy and I had filled pockets. Absolutely love Nano. I then showed the client with the new wool carpet and she booked me to protect her new carpets next week and clean and protect the old carpets!


happy with results 5 star thanks


I'm surprised this product does not get more attention as it's an easy sell-on that really works. The protection itself is the best I've seen, same with the feedback from customers, just apply it as per instructions on carpets or upholstery. A must have for any cleaner to have on the van!

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