Prozyme Plus

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Prozyme Plus Biological cleaner and deodoriser

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Prozyme Plus Biological Cleaner and Deodoriser

Prozyme Plus is a blend of harmless bacteria and surfactants which will digest organic soiling absorbed into surfaces or fabrics.

May be used to remove and deodorise a wide variety of stains from worktops, floors, tiles, sinks, urinals, carpets and fabrics.

Can be sprayed onto carpets and soft furnishings to neutralise urine odour and to remove/reduce staining. Prozyme has a citrus odour.

Also suitable for pouring into drains and grease traps etc to keep them clean and odour free.

Dilution and application:

Heavy soiling: 1:1 with warm water, allow 15-20 minutes contact time, rinse with plain water, then re treat and leave.

For frequent use dilution: 1:20 with warm water, allow 15-20 minutes contact time, rinse with plain water, then re treat and leave.

For drains: treat with 50ml once or twice a week.

pH 7.0-8.0

Customer Reviews

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Matthew H.
Superb cleaner and deodorizer

Strange product. But a must have. Firstly, it works. It's what part of the wet cleaning process to use it. I'd say after the rinse, but as it's got deodorizer abilities, and it smells fantastic, not sure what but it's lush, during pre-spray is just as good. It really does neutralise smells, urine and cleans leaving a lovely soft floor. So in a nut shell, worth every penny.


Very useful product which can be applied in many different situations, definitely one to keep available in your van, I found it to be very effective on urine odours and it’s good at removing/reducing urine stains too, so it comes in very handy for pet treatments etc along with WOC’s M-Power mixed @ 1:80, great products guys giving excellent results. I’m happy to recommend both products.

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