Prozyme – Odour Remover & Urine Neutraliser

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Prozyme – Biological Odour Remover & Urine Neutraliser

Prozyme features a specialised formula that harnesses the power of friendly bacteria & enzymes to efficiently break down stains and eliminate unwanted odours.

This versatile solution is ideal for neutralising odours on a variety of surfaces, including carpets, upholstery, hard floors, pet bedding, car seats, and other washable fabrics.

Prozyme excels at tackling pet-related stains and odours, such as those stemming from urine, faeces, and vomit. It’s gentle yet highly effective on surfaces throughout your home, leaving them impeccably clean and free from unpleasant odours & stains.

  • Unique enzymatic action destroys stains and odours.
  • Safe for use on wool and natural fabrics.
  • Non-toxic – safe around pets & kids.
  • Infused with a delightful citrus fragrance.

Choose Prozyme for a reliable solution to keep your surroundings fresh and clean.

Directions for use:

  • For normal use: dilute 50ml per 1 litre of warm water, allow 15-20 minutes contact time, rinse or blot with plain water, re-treat and leave.
  • Heavy urine: 1:1 – dilute 1 litre of Prozyme with 1 litre of warm water, allow 15-20 minutes contact time, machine rinse with plain water, re-treat and leave.

For professional carpet cleaners: clean the area as normal with M-Power etc, then post spray Prozyme at the above dilutions based on contamination.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Steve C.
Prozyme plus

Great product esp if you have pets, noticed the difference straight away from domestic home carpet cleaning solutions to this, also great fast delivery

Would deffo recommend,won't be my only purchase

Toxic carpets

Had a house soaked in dog urine and some cat wee nothing else cut through it like prozyme it not only reduced the stains but reduced the odours too great for a last ditch attempt at smelly carpets and upholstery cleaning..

Joanne W.

Amazing product

Mark K.


Brilliant odour control product.

This is a great product for dealing with carpet/fabric odours such as urine, vomit etc. Not only does it smell amazing, it also cleans brilliantly while digesting the soiling. Top product 👍

Russell G.
Great Product to have.

Have used this product on several occasions. Great for pet odours.

Matthew H.
Superb cleaner and deodorizer

Strange product. But a must have. Firstly, it works. It's what part of the wet cleaning process to use it. I'd say after the rinse, but as it's got deodorizer abilities, and it smells fantastic, not sure what but it's lush, during pre-spray is just as good. It really does neutralise smells, urine and cleans leaving a lovely soft floor. So in a nut shell, worth every penny.


Very useful product which can be applied in many different situations, definitely one to keep available in your van, I found it to be very effective on urine odours and it’s good at removing/reducing urine stains too, so it comes in very handy for pet treatments etc along with WOC’s M-Power mixed @ 1:80, great products guys giving excellent results. I’m happy to recommend both products.