Quality Microfibre Cloth


Quality Microfibre Cloth Appx 39cm x 39cm

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Quality Microfibre Cloth

Available in 4 Colours Appx 39 cm x 39 cm

Machine Washable up to 90 degrees.

There are two methods of cleaning with micro fibre wet and dry

WET CLEANING: All hard surfaces can be cleaned using cloths pre moistened with water. Simply soak cloth with water and wring out until damp. When used in this way the cloths will remove stubborn soiling and some stains. The cloth works through capillary action. The soiling is drawn into the fibres in the same manor as coffee is drawn into a sugar cube. As the fibres are so fine the soiling is held in the cloth, once the cloth is saturated with soiling it will fail to work. Once this happens launder the cloths or refresh in clean water. The advantages to wet cleaning using only water are obvious, reduction in the use of chemical products, no COSHH requirement, no Health & Safety requirement, user friendly, environmentally considerate, faster and more efficient, etc. However, some other benefits are not so obvious. By using water only there will be no residue left. When cleaning a hard surface using a chemical product a residue will always remain on the surface, usually resulting in smearing, this is a breeding ground for bacteria. If only water is used this food source is denied the bacteria thus inhibiting.

DRY CLEANING: Most lightly soiled surfaces can be cleaned using micro fibre without water. This reduces time and effort and ensures that no residues remain on the surface thus reducing bacteria levels. When used dry our cloths generate a positive static charge that magnetises all dirt and dust particles, as they have a natural negative charge, to the fibres. This soiling is then removed by laundering The majority of cleaning can be carried out using this method, this is of great benefit as this method is faster, cleaning and requires far less effort by the operative.

Superior Microfibre cloths are loop woven using 7 strands of polyester and 3 strands of polyamide, of less than 0.1 denier, to produce a single thread that is then woven to produce the cloth or mop.

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