Reactor – Enzyme Active Cleaner – 1Kg

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Pre-treatment of protein based stains. Removes biological stains, proteins and grease.

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Reactor- Enzyme Active Cleaner 1Kg

For pre-treatment of protein based stains. Removes biological stains, proteins and grease.

  • For use on carpets and textiles, mattresses, outdoor furniture, car seats etc.
  • Ideal for application in restaurants, kitchen carpets, hotels etc.
  • Works on almost all textiles.
  • Highly effective, short dwell time.
  • Organic.

Highly effective on the following protein stains:

  • Urine
  • Blood
  • Cheese & dairy products
  • Faeces
  • Milk and egg based stains
  • Baby food/formula
  • Food based grease and oil
  • Ice cream
  • Vomit
  • Cream
  • Sweat
  • Grass stains

Directions for use:

Apply with a sprayer to the area being cleaned and allow 10 minutes dwell, agitate and then rinse extract with plain water. On upholstery apply and remove the soiling with a dampened micro fibre cloth. Reactor can also be used in combination with Fusion Clean or be rinse extracted.


Mix 2 measuring scoops (25-30g) of Reactor with 1 litre of hot water (40-60 C)

Rinse initially with plain water, once the soiling has been removed fully rinse using an acid rinse such as Final Phase or Crystal Rinse, as directed on the product label.

Once mixed the solution is effective for up to 48 hours. Test for colour stability in an inconspicuous area prior to use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tim C.

I really liked Ace but this is even better. Often clears grease on sofa arms with no additional cleaning necessary.

Lorraine M.
Excellent Product

Successfully removed a spilt protein shake drink with very little effort,that a professional could not remove. Highly recommended.

Richie M.

Was disappointed to be told that when placing an order of the very impressive ACE that it wasn’t available anymore. BUT i was told to order some of this instead... and so far so good, easier to mix than ACE, smells nicer but above all works quicker in my opinion.

Have a job coming up for blood removal, ACE was always my go to product for this so looking forward to seeing how much quicker this Reactor works 👍🏻

John M.

Used it on 80:20 wool in a kitchen that was quite badly marked with food & grease. The spots and stains just vanished and the Reactor was a day old leftover from an upholstery job.
Got rid of very bad dog grease from its coat on upholstery cut through it like a knife through butter.
Used to to remove diarrhea stains on an 80:20 light coloured lounge carpet that had been there for couple of weeks. Apply agitate extract gone.


Used Reactor with the Solutions Drill Brush! Brilliant results!!

Would recommend this product!


Used this product first time today on blood in a hallway. Mixed with warm water, sprayed on then very light agitation it lifted easily out despite being a few days old. Will keep in the van from now on.

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