Reactor – Enzyme Active Cleaner – 1Kg

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Reactor- Enzyme Active Cleaner 1Kg

A powerful cleaning solution & stain remover, especially fantastic on protein based stains.

Based on our powerful enzyme cleaner Shockwave, Reactor also comes loaded with a different blend of enzymes designed to target & destroy stains.

Reactor contains a special blend of three different types of enzymes:

  • Proteases – which break down stains like blood, sweat and many food related stains which can be difficult to remove, especially those that have aged.
  • Amylases – which break down starch stains from gravy, sauces, chocolate, cereals, rice, spaghetti, potato, tomato, pasta, baby & convenience foods + many more.
  • Lipases – which break down oils, fats & grease.

Reactor has been specifically formulated to break down the above stains with ease.

Can be used on carpets, upholstery, mattresses, outdoor furniture, car seats & more.

Also highly effective on a multitude of stains like:

  • Urine.
  • Cheese & dairy products.
  • Faeces.
  • Milk and egg based stains.
  • Ice cream.
  • Vomit.
  • Cream.
  • Grass stains.

Directions for use:

Always pre-test Reactor in an inconspicuous area for colour fastness prior to use. Shake or stir well for complete mixing.


Apply by sprayer to the carpet, agitate and allow a 10 minute dwell time.

Upholstery & mattresses:

Apply Reactor with a light spray or hand mitt, agitate and allow a 10 minute dwell time.

For encapsulation cleaning, apply Reactor and allow a 10 minute dwell time, then apply Fusion Clean to encapsulate.


  • Mix 2 scoops (25-30g) of Reactor with 1 litre of hot water (40-60 C)

Post spray or rinse with Crystal Rinse or Final Phase if required.

Once mixed the solution is effective for up to 48 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Back Again

Reactor makes me look like magician where I go to clean several mattresses at a time "Now you see it, now you don't"

Exceptional performance

Tried for first time on a heavily soiled carpet with dog urine and feaces that had been 'used' in same spot for nearly a year.The strong odour and all of the soil was completely removed in one hit,amazing product as per usual.

Terry S.

Reactor is my first choice when cleaning mattresses, along with srainbreak and magic, absolutely stunning results.

Dean G.

Very good product so far .Would also like to mention the service from SWOC is always first class.

R H.
Incredible Cleaning Power!

Brought to combat stubborn cat urine smells caused by a cat suddenly starting to vacate in places it shouldn't around the house.

Nothing had worked, all the fancy pet enzyme sprays failed and were nothing more than snake oil, just a pretty scent attempting to mask the smell, despite claiming to be enzyme cleaners.

Tried this on the main spot she'd been having accidents and boom, no more accidents but better absolutely no more smell.

Can't give this little pot of cleaning power enough praise!

Thank you for making my house livable again!

Tim C.

I really liked Ace but this is even better. Often clears grease on sofa arms with no additional cleaning necessary.

Lorraine M.
Excellent Product

Successfully removed a spilt protein shake drink with very little effort,that a professional could not remove. Highly recommended.


Was disappointed to be told that when placing an order of the very impressive ACE that it wasn’t available anymore. BUT i was told to order some of this instead... and so far so good, easier to mix than ACE, smells nicer but above all works quicker in my opinion.

Have a job coming up for blood removal, ACE was always my go to product for this so looking forward to seeing how much quicker this Reactor works 👍🏻