S.P.M Lemon Burst Carpet Cleaning Chemical

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S.P.M Lemon Burst Carpet Cleaning Chemical

  • Powerful Stain Remover
  • Powerful Deodoriser
  • Powerful Antimicrobial.

Solution SPM Lemon Burst is a multi-purpose detergent free, oxygenated carpet cleaning agent, bursting with lemon freshness this energising scent is utterly addictive!

Contains a unique super wetting agent to aid penetration into fibres.

SPM does not contain detergent, optical brightener, enzymes, solvents, or caustic alkalis. SPM can be used as a single product solution for all types of carpet and fabric cleaning operations, subject to pre-testing.

How does SPM work?

SPM utilises advanced detergent free technology.

The cleaning process is achieved by breaking the adhesion between the soil particles and the surface to be cleaned, without the use of enzymes or detergents. It is sparingly applied direct to the surface to be cleaned, then brushed in well.

The stain removal spectrum is immense and includes aerosol soil residues in wall and door areas, grease, beverage stains, protein, dispersion paints, mustard, oil, ketchup, rust and much more. In case of stains which cause a fibre/colour reaction, for example coffee, urine, etc., the success of the spot removal may be limited.

Once applied the splitting action takes place on contact without the use of toxic enzymes or detergents. Similar to our Solution Heavy Duty, but SPM also has a built in oxygenating additive which boosts the product.

For best results the product should be brushed in well, ideally with either with a pile brush or CRB/rotary machine.

Can be used as a single product solution for all types of carpet and fabric cleaning operations, subject to pre-testing.


Mix 1-2 measure scoop per litre into hot water. Apply by sprayer, agitate and extract, SPM works on contact, once applied agitate and rinse.

For use in an in-line sprayer mix 8 measure scoops per litre of hot water.

Truck-mount units:

Mix 14 scoops into 20 litres into hot water to make metering concentrate. Set meter at 3 GPH.

Bonnet Cleaning:

Mix 1-2 measure scoop in 5 litres into hot water. Pre-spray, moisten bonnet with cleaning solution and clean with an even overlapping motion. When bonnet becomes soiled, rinse and re-wet with cleaning solution.

Always pre-test carpet or fabric for colour fastness and texture change with ready-to-use solution before proceeding. Always mix thoroughly in hot water and agitate for best results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Peter B.

Great pre spray

Keith L.
Our go to cleaning product.

Having confidence that the product being used is going to work better than any other is important, and my staff agree that SPM is the best general carpet pre-spray we have used in our 44 years in this trade.. It works fast, easy to store on the van, mixes well with hot water from our truck mount, and the cost is great as well.


SPM LEMON smells lovely and leaves carpets nice and fresh, strong enough PH for most dirt in every day fibres.

Andy S.

SPM is a trusted go to for me and I would not be without it. The lemon smell is a great hit with customers too

David H.
SPM lemon

Been using this since it came out and is my go to pre spray for 90% of jobs

Very good product

SPM is a perfect carpet upholstery cleaning solution

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