Sapphire Upholstery Pro Hand Tool – Clear Head

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Sapphire Upholstery Pro Hand Tool – Clear Head

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Sapphire Upholstery Pro Hand Tool – Clear Head

The Sapphire Upholstery Pro, the ultimate tool for fabric upholstery cleaning, impress your customers even more with a clear tool head showing them what’s being extracted.

The Sapphire Upholstery Pro cleaning tool provides deep, rapid penetration of cleaning solution and simultaneous high volume extraction. Lightweight, easy to use, and adjustable for a wide range of fabrics and soiling conditions, the Sapphire Upholstery Pro produces cleaner, drier fabrics.

The Sapphire Upholstery Pro tool can be fitted on 1½ inch vacuum hose and 2″ hose with a reducer cuff, it can be run and is compatible with any portable carpet extraction machine.

Unlike jetted tools, the Upholstery Pro is designed to prevent over spray on boxing and piping. It’s also designed for easy service in the field – the in-line solution filter removes easily and rinses clean, changing out a glide or valve takes only minutes with a simple Philips screwdriver. A unique continuous flow design also allows you to extract in both directions for the best clean possible.

Features & benefits:

  • Comfortable handle and highly flexible vacuum hose provides relaxed balanced handling and substantially reduces operator fatigue.
  • Unique dual extraction slots permit full extraction in both directions across fabric surfaces.
  • Inline solution strainer helps prevent clogging.
  • Inline orifice controls flow and gives maximum heat with portable carpet extractors.
  • Sliding vacuum release allows for easy vacuum adjustments on the fly.
  • Trigger valve and glide designed to be changed in the field in minutes with simple hand tools.
  • Lightweight and highly flexible hose coupling is easy to manoeuvre, even in tight places.
  • Clear housing for easy monitoring of water flow, fabric or carpet dryness, and cleaning effectiveness.


Head: 4″ extraction width.

Hose assembly: 10 ft.


Head: High performance clear nylon resin.

Glide: Engineering thermoplastic.

Hose assembly: High-flex vacuum hose.

Fittings: Brass with high-temp seals.

Model 67-019-P

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Fantastic piece of kit
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