Solushield - 5L

Solushield - 5L Neutralises sea salt and road salt. Removes salt deposits.

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Solushield 5L

Solushield reacts with salt to stop the corrosive effects from salt residues and makes salt deposits easy to remove from surfaces.

Contains a long a lasting corrosion inhibitor which helps protect metals against further attack.

Solushield quickly penetrates cracks and crevices where salt can build up. It removes the accumulated deposits and chemically converts the salt into a non-corrosive compound, stopping the harmful effects of salts exposure.

Solushield works on road salt or sea salt. Use on all vehicles including cars, trucks, tracked equipment .

Regular use of Solushild can prolong the life and improve the durability of vehicles, plant and equipment in harsh environments.

Direction for use.

Remove excessive soil and contamination before use.

Dilute Solushield with 20 parts water 1:20 and apply by spray. Allow 5 minute dwell, after this Solushield can be left to drain down and dry but for best results rinse with clean water.

Solushield is not classified as hazardous.

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