Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaning Solution – 5L

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Concentrated Heavy Duty Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner.

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Solution Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaning Solution – 5L

A highly effective heavy duty carpet cleaning solution suitable for synthetic fibres only.

Heavy Duty has been formulated with additional boosters that give it an added ‘kick’ for effectively dealing with high build-up of grease, oil, heavy traffic lanes and similar problems.

  • Can be used on synthetic carpets & upholstery.
  • Economical in use.
  • It’s fully compatible with all of our other products including spotters, can be over-sprayed onto them if the need for extra cleaning power is discovered after initial treatment.
  • Powerful at cleaning, it is equally kind to anti-stain protectors such as Protect Nano and anti-static treatments.

Dilutions for use:

Dilute 12 ml to 62 ml per litre of water, depending on soiling level. (1:80 to 1:16)

For carpet & upholstery cleaning using hot or cold water extraction, Heavy Duty should be lightly pre-sprayed onto the carpet or fabric, then agitated well using a pile brush, we recommend a twin contra-rotating brush machine.

For low-profile ‘commercial’ carpets, a rotary or oscillating pad machine with either a scrub pad or microfibre pad.

For upholstery either a soft brush or microfiber mitt.

No dwell time is required, so extraction can immediately follow treatment.


Customer Reviews

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barry s.

Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaning Solution - 5L

Lynn H.

We have pub and had some particularly nasty ground in stains where the the food and drink is taken from the bar to the restaurant, more out of desperation than hope I thought I’d give this a go. You will need some elbow grease but, oh boy is the results worth it. Honestly, you can not see where the marks were, I am absolutely blown away by how good this is and it goes an awfully long way. Would recommend and only use this from now on.

Tim A.

After leaving Chem Dry I started using WoC and was introduced to their products. I was stunned as to how fast they work and the superb cleaning results. I had the SPM in a spray bottle and extracted with a ph7 cleaner "just to be sure". The results were stunning.

Dan W.

When this pre-spray is used in conjunction with mechanical agitation it absolutely powers through dirt and grease. HD also cuts down on the amount of spot and stain removal that is required as it breaks down the vast majority of water based stains, this saves time, energy and money.

It’s difficult to choose a favourite product from the Solution range as they are all so good but HD is definitely on my top 3 favourite pre-sprays of all time.


This must be the best pre-spray I've ever used!
The carpet looks fantastic, especially good for greasy area's. well impressed!

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