Spark – 2in1 Performance Pre-Spray & Booster

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SPARK – 2in1 Upholstery & Carpet Pre-Spray & Booster

Ever wished your pre-spray was stronger and worked faster? Spark can be used by itself as a performance pre-spray or as a powerful booster when mixed with other pre-sprays on multiple surfaces.

Adding a little Spark to your pre-sprays will supercharge your cleaning, making them more effective. It’s a unique heavy hitter with serious cleaning power, save money today with two products in one!

As a stand-alone performance pre-spray:

  • Maximum power and economical in use.
  • High alkaline detergent pre-spray.
  • Powerful grease-breaking formula.
  • Outstanding results on heavily soiled carpets – works on all types of soiling on multiple surfaces.
  • Spark when diluted costs 3p per litre(inc vat) – at least 4-5 times cheaper to use than most pre-sprays.
  • Pleasant light fragrance.

As a booster:

  • Accelerates any alkaline or neutral cleaning chemical – making them work much harder.
  • Boosts cleaning power making cleaning cheaper, easier & faster.
  • Safe on carpets & upholstery (subject to pre testing)
  • Improves performance of floor strippers and hard surface cleaners.

Get serious with your cleaning, add some spark and ignite to your cleaning today!

Directions for use:

Always pre-test Spark in an inconspicuous area for colour fastness prior to use. Shake or stir well for complete mixing.

Apply by sprayer to the carpet or fabric and allow some dwell time – agitation can be applied during this contact period if required.


  • Mix 1-2 scoops per 5 litres of hot water depending on soiling.
  • Use as a standalone pre-spray or mix with other chemicals as a booster. Not for use in tank.

In-line sprayers:

  • Mix 1½ scoops per 1 litre of hot water (1:8 dilution). Adjust the sprayer to 1:4 for heavily soiled areas.


  • Mix 8 scoops into 20 litres of hot water to make a metering concentrate. Set meter at 2-3 GPH.

Post spray or rinse with Crystal Rinse or Final Phase if required.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Stuart D.
Awesome product

Tried this as a booster with several different products and it works well, but I’ve also found it to be an excellent stand alone pre-spray. Quite unique!

Ant B.B.
Spark powder

Awesome product and the staff are amazing !

Alfie R.D.S.
Spark 2-1 booster

Absolutely fantastic product, used it with a few other products and makes a massive difference.

Graham f.

First time using spark on a rental nasty. Went through heavy soiling with ease, will be buying more, next order

Rafal M.

Great product

Mladen B.

Good stuff

Laura S.

Does what it says, fab for boosting your pre spray :-)

Great Result.

Used for the first time yesterday on a couple of carpets that hadn't been cleaned for more than 15 years, Great result.
seems to be a finer powder than SPM and mixed a lot easier.