Spot Solve – Solvent Spot Remover

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Spot Solve – Solvent Spot Remover

Spot Solve is an environmentally friendly solvent spotting solution, free from aromatic and other volatile solvents. It is readily and completely biodegradable, with low vapour hazard, low oral toxicity, non-flammable and has no hazard classification under CHIP regulations.

Removes diverse stains such as:

Paints, oil, colours, felt-tip pen, asphalt, wax, ball-point ink, tar, shoe polish, resins, glue, glue residues, grease, nail polish, shoe prints, graffiti and other solvent soluble spots and stains etc.


Spot Solve can be used on all solvent resistant surfaces including textiles, subject to testing for suitability in inconspicuous area first.

Note: Spot Solve can attack certain painted/coated surfaces and also sensitive plastics.

Directions for use:

Ensure the area is free of people, children and pets and is well ventilated. Always pre-test Spot Solve in an inconspicuous area for suitability prior to use.

  • Apply indirectly by blotting with a terry towel or microfibre cloth dampened lightly with Spot Solve.
  • Agitate lightly. The amount used should always be kept to the minimum to avoid spreading stains or causing delamination of backing materials, which may be sensitive to the use of a solvent.
  • Following its use, lightly clean the area with a normal water based cleaning solution – for example M-Power carpet & upholstery cleaner.

Dry solvent cleaning:

Spot Solve can also be used as a dry cleaning solution on moisture sensitive fabrics, test thoroughly for suitability in an inconspicuous area first. For larger areas a more suitable & cost effective product would be our Dry Cleaning Solvent.

  • Thoroughly vacuum the fabric to be cleaned, apply the solvent with a coral sponge, cloth, hand mitt or our applicator brush.
  • Agitate with a soft upholstery brush or mitt.
  • Remove the dirt & soiling with clean terry towels or microfiber clothes.
  • Finish and set the pile with a boffin brush.
  • You should leave the fabric for a minimum of 24 hours to air-dry in a ventilated area before re-use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Anne B.
Worked with biro marks

Very pleased with this product. I bought it to remove black biro marks from an expensive, yellow velvet sofa. It worked so I'm happy.

Michael S.
Spot solve

Very good product thanks woc

Amazing solvent

It's my go to for stains that require solvent chemical. Easily controlled so can be applied in small ammount so that the stains don't penetrate. Works best if used before any water is used on the stain.

Awesome 👌

Used spot solve today for the first time on paint. Did the job with ease broke down larger ‘blobs’ no probs. Great stuff

William T.
Uses of Spot solve.

I`ve used spot solve for years for various stains, ink, nail varnish and with fusion 8 on dye transfer also other stains. It`s one of the main stays of my cleaning solutions. No complaints about World of Clean ordering and delivery excellent. Had a problem with a leak on a order and they fixed it as soon as I called.

Ryan S.
Great product as always

Perfect for solvent stains used many times have ordered the 5L to save money as I will always use this for tough makeup and ink stains. 5*

Jocelyn P.
My number 1 GO TO spotter

Excellent product I always use it and am really happy with it

Steve B.

Tremendous , literally knocks spots off similar products.