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Stain2Go -1kg

1kg tub - comes with a labeled 500ml spray bottle for convenience and mixing.

Stain2Go is a reducing agent which can be used on a broad spectrum of stains, a safer and milder alternative to the highly successful Solution Magic Stain And Dye Remover.

Subject to testing, Stain2Go can be used on most carpet and upholstery fibres and is highly effective on both old and fresh tannin stains such as tea, coffee, cola, red wine etc.

Stain2Go can be used as a pre-treatment on these stains prior to normal cleaning or can be used as a final specific stain removal procedure following conventional spot and stain removal treatments.

Stain2Go is also effective on many other colour-added stains, whether from natural or synthetic sources.

Stain2Go can be used as a regular warm-to-hot stain treatment, with live steam as a catalyst or by utilising the heat transfer method of stain removal.

Stain2Go works by removing oxygen from the staining matter, so by changing it’s structure and appearance.

Stain2Go can also be used to stop and neutralise the chemical reaction of Solution’s Stainbreak.

Easy to use guide:

Place a dry funnel in a 1L or less container and add 1 to 1.5 supplied (10ml) scoops of Stain2Go. Fill with 500ml of hot water and shake until dissolved (approx 2-3mins).

Please be aware Final Phase and other acids will accelerate (boost) this product.

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Additional Information
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