Stair Cleaning Tool 10″ Head

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10″ twin-jet Stair tool. 18″ long.

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Stair Cleaning Tool 10″ Head – 2 Jet (90 degree)

Designed by World of Clean and produced by WestPak USA

2 jet design for wide and even spray patterns. Single 15° neck bend construction for ease of use. 18″ length to allow for easier cleaning on stairs and tight location such as closets.

Also great for cleaning rugs and small areas!

  • Utilizes detail tool valve with flexible hose for tight locations.
  • Also ideal for mattress cleaning.
  • Stainless steel solution tube.
  • Forged brass control valve, rated at over 1200 PSI, with exclusive ‘soft-opening’ feature.
  • Vinyl covered, oval shaped aluminium adjustable grip.
  • Polished stainless steel construction.
  • Splash guard.

Tool size:

Brass offset valve.
Nozzle 9502 (2ea).
1.5″ Diameter Tube. 10″ Head Width. 18″ Length.

Supplied with a male quick connect, leave a note on the checkout if you require a female one.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Edmund E.

I’m very pleased that I bought this little stair tool, it’s short length along with its 10” head make it the ideal tool for cracking on with the stairs. It’s equally useful when working on rugs too. I don’t think anyone considering buying one of these stair tools would be disappointed.

Chris M.D.

Bought this some months ago.
Find stairs a lot easier and quicker using this tool.
I use it on all rugs and I am getting better results



Typical Westpac, well designed & built. I bought this after a recommendation from a chap on the Cleantalk forum after he mentioned that he uses one for rug cleaning. Now rugs are cleaner, they dry faster & they're a lot more fun to clean! It now takes me about 6 minutes to clean a set of stairs which used to take an age with a much smaller handtool. I've used other stair tools but because this one is angled I have found it so much more versatile, a very good bit of kit!

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