Solution Standard Microsplitter – 5L


Concentrated MicroSplitting Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Solution.

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Solution Standard Microsplitter – 5L

Solution Standard is a highly effective universal cleaning concentrate that can be used with all cleaning systems. At dilution rates of between 1:16 and 1:80 it is a highly cost-effective, safe and efficient cleaning agent.

The cleaning process is achieved by ‘microsplitting’ the soil particles without the use of enzymes or detergents. It is sparingly applied direct to the surface to be cleaned and brushed in well.

The stain removal spectrum is immense and includes aerosol soil residues in wall and door areas, grease, beverage stains, protein, dispersion paints, mustard, oil, ketchup, rust and much more. In case of stains which cause a fibre/colour reaction, for example coffee, urine, etc., the success of the spot removal may be limited. Glue residues, chewing gum, ballpoint ink, oily incrustations etc. should be pre-treated with Spot Solve solvent spotter.

  • NO Bleaching agents.
  • NO Optical brighteners.
  • NO Detergents – it will not leave any sticky shampoo or detergent residues.
  • NO ‘Dwell Time’ required – It works on contact and continues to work until completely dry.
  • Non-foaming and odour-free.
  • Because of the low levels of moisture required it is ideal for low-moisture cleaning and Hot Water Extraction alike.
  • Because it is free-rinsing, no in-tank additive is required when extraction cleaning.
  • IS compatible with all protective treatments such as Protect Nano, Scotchgard etc.
  • IS completely non-toxic. Being formulated entirely from food-grade ingredients it is safe for humans and animals.
  • Coverage: approx. 50 ml/m ready-to-use solution.

Subject to normal pre-testing, it can be applied to all water and colour-fast surfaces of natural or synthetic fibres.

Directions for use:

For carpet & upholstery cleaning using hot or cold water extraction, Solution Standard should be lightly pre-sprayed onto the carpet or fabric, then agitated well. For carpets this agitation can be achieved by pile brush but we recommend a twin contra-rotating brush machine. For low-profile ‘commercial’ carpets, a rotary or oscillating pad machine with either a scrub pad or microfibre pad. For upholstery either a soft brush or microfiber mitt. No dwell time is required, so extraction can immediately follow treatment.

It is possible to spray an area of 10 – 20 m with one litre of ready-to-use solution. This means that even with a dilution ratio of 1:10, 1000 – 2000 m can be cleaned per litre of concentrate..

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