STS – Stone Tile & Safety Floor Cleaner

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Highly effective stone, tile, & safety floor cleaner concentrate

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STS – Stone, Tile & Safety Floor Cleaner

The most advanced & effective solution for use on stone, grout, tile and as a safety floor cleaner.

A unique and highly effective detergent-free cleaner that removes heavy contamination and soil residues, STS is a highly effective concentrated heavy duty cleaner and maintainer.

Safely removes oil, grease, fats, smoke, soot, nicotine, cooking deposits, light alkaline lime deposits etc from all porous and semi-porous hard floor surfaces such as stone, tile and safety flooring. Use in kitchens, bathrooms, showers, on clay tiles, grout, marble, slate, granite, terrazzo, flagstones, ultra safety & non-slip safety flooring, etc.

This is achieved by detergent free by splitting the soil binders without the use of enzymes, bacteria, alkaline builders, detergents sodium hydroxide or volatile solvents. STS does not contain any reducing or oxidation agents such as sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide. No toxic caustic or hazardous acids or butyls.

Safe & effective, easy to use and delivers exceptional results.


Can be used with manual cleaning methods – pressure spraying, damp mopping, brushing or wiping with micro pads, microfibre cloths etc.

It can also be used with all floor maintenance machines such as low-speed rotaries, contra-rotating machines, rotary scrubber-dryers and also steam cleaning equipment.

For exterior cleaning STS can be applied prior to pressure washing to further enhance cleaning results.

Interior natural surfaces such as stone, terrazzo, marble, ceramic tile, fine stone tile, brick, grout, ultra safety & as a non-slip safety floor cleaner. STS cleans without etching and leaves no sticky residues.

It can be used to remove years of build-up caused by pollution on exterior brickwork, stone, statues, monuments etc.

It also offers superior and safe cleaning results when used as a pre-treatment on stainless steel fitted furnishings as found in commercial kitchens, where steam generation cleaning equipment is the preferred method of cleaning. In this instance STS can be applied by hand, or used in the chemical feed tanks of steam cleaning equipment.

STS is suitable for daily use on all alkaline resistant surfaces subject to testing for suitability for use, prior to cleaning. It should not be used on polished polymer-coated surfaces.


Restorative cleaning: 1:10 to 1:50 according to soil conditions.

Maintenance cleaning: 1:50 to 1:400 according to soil conditions.

Technical Data:

pH: 11.8

Odour: absolute odourless

Colour: clear

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Steven B.
STS versus 18 year old tiles/grout

Purchased this product last week and used it today for the first time .
My hall/ kitchen and dining room tiles get cleaned every week but I was aware that the grout was pretty disgusting after so many years of neglect/ abuse, so time to go nuclear on them!
I cannot believe the difference this product has made, as soon as I applied it ( 1:10, trust me, it needed this strength) the dirt just lifted off the tiles with help from a grout brush and a fair bit of elbow grease. The only down side was the amount of buckets of water I needed to rinse it off with, but that’s my fault for leaving it too long before taking the plunge.
In fairness I cleaned each area twice because it was more of a restoration clean than standard.
Hope the pics do it justice. The second picture is taken over a step in case you’re wondering.

Thanks for the review Steve

Streaky results

I recently purchased this cleaner but was disappointed with the results. I first tried a ratio of 1:40 and increased it to 1:20 when I saw my porcelain tiles still had marks on them and were streaky. The result with 1:20 was better but still not great. Will try 1:10 next time.

Annie S.

My old stone floor tiles look MUCH cleaner having used this product. I will definitely be purchasing is again.

Thomas S.

Have used for years the best that is out there

Rob M.
Stone / Tile and Safety Floor Cleaner

This product was recommended to us and produced great results on the floor of our storage unit. The dirt lifted with very little effort and after rinsing and dry mopping the floor looked totally different.
Great product, highly recommended.

Simon H.
STS Floor Cleaner

Great service: very prompt.

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