TileMaster Sealer All in One (Solvent) – 5L


TileMaster Sealer All in One (Solvent) – 5L

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TileMaster All in One (Solvent) Sealer

What Will it Seal

All in one sealer is ideal to seal and protect all your natural stone and man-made tiles and give great stain protection on Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Granite and Highly Absorbent Stone and Ceramic Porcelain.

Using The Tile Master” Active Compound Resin” Protection System, your tiles are protected from dirt, grime and daily food spills with our invisible and breathable sealer.

Warning: does not protect stone from acid or chemical damage, surface wear or scratching. Does not form layers or films and does not create a shine

Where to use

Perfect for use on your floors, walls & wet rooms in your Kitchen, Hall Way, Bathroom, Patios, Swimming Pools or anywhere around your home or garden to protect honed natural stone.


  • Gives excellent protection against both oil and water based stains
  • Protects and seals both indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Easy to apply and Ready to USE
  • Does not alter appearance
  • Aids maintenance and makes it easy to clean your floor

Coverage Rates Per 1Litre per coat

  • High Absorbency Honed Natural Stone 10 – 15 sqm
  • Medium Absorbency Honed Natural Stone 15 – 20 Sqm
  • Polished Stone 15 – 20sqm
  • Polished porcelain 40 – 50sqm
  • Ceramic and Porcelain 35 – 45sqm

How to Use & Apply


Allow to cure for 24 hrs and check for desired results, colour change and protection level.

2) Check that area is dry, clean and free of all residue and previous treatments.

3) Evenly apply 1 generous coat of all in one sealer to saturate the tile. The tile should hold a wet or glass like look for about 5 seconds. Apply more sealer if required to achieve this.

4) After 10 minutes or before the sealer dries on the surface, remove and buff off any excess sealer using clean and dry white towels or cloths. To remove stubborn residue, simply reactivate using a clean cloth, slightly wet with all in one sealer.

5) For highly absorbent stone apply a second coat after 3 hours, using steps 3 and 4 as above.

6) The floor is fine for light foot traffic in socks and slippers after 4 hours from final coat. Allow 48 hours before wetting the floor or contact with water or stains

Floor preservation and ongoing Maintenance

Surfaces treated with all in one sealer, should be maintained with Tile Master Cleaner No1 or No2 depending on surface type, diluted at 1-200.(1 cap in 5 litres of Water)

WARNING: Ensure all in one sealer is stored in a cool dry place and kept away from heat at all times. All in one sealer is flammable. Ensure area is well ventilated and wear suitable clothing and gloves. Exposure may cause dry or cracked skin. Harmful if swallowed. Can irritate eyes. Replace lid after each use. Keep out of reach from children and pets. Do Not pour down drains. Get medical advice if swallowed.

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