Drill Brush for Upholstery & Carpets

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Drill Brush for Upholstery & Carpets

A unique drill brush for the agitation/cleaning of fabrics & carpets.

The unique design allows only the inside bristles to spin, you can hold your hand on the top giving you complete control with less wrist stress. The outer bristles and main body of the brush remain stationary becoming a splash guard preventing overspray and the flicking of debris. Hard to remove soiling & stains are simple to remove instead of the usual nightmare of manual agitation.

Ideal for the agitation of cleaning chemicals. The brush makes cleaning far easier and much faster saving you both time and energy.

Approx diameter of drill brush is 6 inches.

Can be used on carpets (ideal on stairs), sofas, car seats, tiles, grout, hard floors, the list is endless.

Customer Reviews

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Pro k.
First bad review 😞

I hated the drill brush. It was to big and cumbersome to operate without real control. Really dissatisfied with it. I then went to put the brush back in the van. Dropped it and rolled underneath. Thinking get it at the end. I forgot and ran over it and broke it 🤣
Go back to my Milwaukee

Service was good and it arrived quick though as always with world of clean

Drill Brush

The brush arrived in super quick time as normal but found on my first mattress job it was a bit harsh, this was resolved by wearing it in as you would with any brush that a bit abrasive, I gave it a few minutes on the side of the house to take the edge off it, now it's perfect for large surface areas.

Greig T.

Good product

Andy P.
A must have bit of kit

Yes, this is expensive as drill brushes go. They are cheaper options but they have nothing on this. It has been purposely designed for use on upholstery, stairs etc and is brilliant. It really is worth the investment as it prevents splashes from pre sprays on walls, surrounding areas and yourself! I also recently had a customer ask about it and they were impressed on its design when I explained. It also agitates far better then the cheaper options which I think is due to a better quality of bristle.
All in all, it is definitely worth it and I wish I'd got one sooner

Absolutely worth it

This is expense as drill brushes go, granted. However it is a superb, professional bit of kit that has been designed purposely for what we use it for in this industry. Cheaper options simply are not. Not only does it prevent accidental over splash from pre sprays, it also provides far better agitation then the standard cheaper option drill brushes

Absolutely B.C.C.
Drill brush

A great piece of equipment. The last one has had 4 years of hard graft so, time for a replacement!

Simply c.c.
Drill brush

Finally had chance to use or new purchase and it doesn't disappoint brilliant piece of kit thank you Nick much appreciated
Simply carpet cleaning

Mark W.
Should of bought sooner

After getting prespray on the customers wallpaper I took the plunge. Works great very impressed