X-Tract Carpet Cleaning Machine

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The X-Tract Carpet Cleaning Machine Range

Available in a range of specifications to suit your price or power requirements. The X-Tract carpet cleaning machine range of extractors are designed to cover all deep carpet cleaning jobs – domestic, commercial or even car cleaning is made simple & straightforward.

Choose from 100-1200psi pumps with 4 different vacuum models, the power steps up and ends with the formidable duel 6.6 wind tunnel vacuums, the choice is yours!

  • Available with dual, 2-stage 6.6” vacuums providing optimal water lift for efficient solution recovery that results in better extraction and faster carpet drying.
  • Thermal protected, sealed motors with a patented “Eternity Brush System” provide three times longer motor brush life.
  • Advanced fan and chamber motor design allow for a lower amp draw. High performance motors stay cool with an innovative air intake design that uses the vacuums own cooling fans, pulling cool outside air over the motors reduces motor temperature and prevents overheating.
  • Heated units include an in-line heater that lets you extract with 200°F solution.
  • 12-gallon solution and recovery tanks allow for quick and easy fill and dump disposal, reducing downtime.
  • Waist-high controls prevent bending and stooping to operate the machine. The controls are recessed in the machine and stay protected during use, in transit or in storage.
  • 10” non-skid, non-marking wheels make stair climbing easy and do not scuff floors.
  • Roto-molded polyethylene body withstands the toughest working environments and resist dents, chips and cracks. Looks professional & lasts longer.

Includes (2) 25-foot, 12/3-gauge safety power cord.

Dimensions: 27”L x 20” W x 38” H

Machine options:

Dual 2-Stage Motors:

1 x 2 Stage Vacuum Motors or

Dual 2-Stage Vacuum available with 100, 300, 500 PSI pump – Heat: No

Dual 3-Stage Motors:

1 x 3 Stage 5.7″ Vacuum Motors or

Dual 3-Stage Vacuum – 500 PSI pump – Heat: Optional

6.6″ Dual 2-Stage Motors:

6.6″ Dual 2-Stage Vacuum – 300 or 500 PSI pump – Heat: No

6.6″ Dual 2-Stage Vacuum – 400-1200psi adjustable pump. Heat: No.


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