Xcalibur Heavy Duty Stripper Concentrate - 5L

For The Removal Of Old, Worn & Temporary Floor Coatings.

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Xcalibur Heavy Duty Stripper Concentrate

Formulated by Solution Research & Development to quickly remove coats of polymer emulsion floor sealers and finishes from both resilient and hard flooring with minimal effort. Its low-foaming formulation cuts through years of build-up and contamination from soiling, old and worn coatings to prepare the surface for re-coating.

Directions for use:

For the removal of manufacturers ?temporary? coatings on new floors, and worn emulsion floor sealers/finishes on old floor:
  • Dilute Xcalibur Heavy Duty Stripper Concentrate 1:4 (250ml per 1-litre of cold water).
  • Apply the diluted stripping solution liberally and allow the solution to soak for 15 minutes.
  • Do not let the floor dry ? keep floor wet and use additional solution as required. Scrub the floor with a low speed (150 rpm-220 rpm) rotary machine or Oscillating Pad machine fitted with a suitable stripping pad. Thoroughly scrub the floor making two or more passes whilst wet to ensure complete emulsification of the old coating.
  • Whilst still wet-use a wet pick up or auto scrubber to recover the resulting slurry*. All stripping solution residues should be removed at this stage.
  • Once satisfied that all contamination has been removed, then proceed to rinse the floor twice with clean cold water.
  • Then allow the clean floor time to air dry, or force dry with air movers. If humidity levels are high then the additional use of dehumidifiers will assist drying times.

Stripping asphalt, linoleum, thermoplastic or rubber flooring:
  • Dilute Xcalibur Heavy Duty Stripper Concentrate: 1:8 (125ml per 1-litre of cold water)
  • .Repeat stripping operation if necessary.
  • When stripping linoleum or thermoplastic flooring substitute a black or brown stripping pad for a red cleaning pad to avoid scratching. Black or brown stripping pads easily damage these floors!
  • Never use a stripping or floor pad on rubber flooring. Use Microfibre pads or scrubbing brushes instead.

Once thoroughly dry, and free of contamination or cleaning residue apply; 3 coats of Xcalibur High Gloss Coating or 2 coats Xcalibur Restore Finish Coating, depending on customers requirements.

For best effect and long lasting durable performance coat with Xcalibur High Gloss Coating

Contains Ethanol 10%
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